Work in Progress Wednesday

The weather here in Stillwater has been perfect–blue skies, warm days, and gorgeous fall color.  Needless to say, I have spent very little time in my sewing room studio.   I did a little handwork in the evening while I watched  Monday Night Football and Project Runway   (Do any of you follow the trials and tribulations of the fashion design wannabes?)

I doodled a bit….

and I cleaned my sewing room for a few minutes…(I needed the ironing board).

Soon enough the snow will fly and I will be a more productive quilter.  Here in Minnesota-when the weather is nice… we soak in every minute of it!

Where’s the Caboose?

Something unusual happened to me last week–I was delayed by a freight train.

As I sat there waiting, I became a bit nostalgic.  My husband and I were raised just outside Chicago–where long train delays are a daily frustration.  Chicago boasts the greatest number of lines coming in to and out of any city in North America, and prides itself for hauling the most freight-mostly coal and farm products.

Minnesota is only eighth in its railroad lines and carries primarily iron ore and farm products.  Fortunately for Minnesota residents, waiting for a train is a rare phenomenon.

So, I sat there reminiscing, enjoying the sounds of the wheels and the squeaking of the couplings as they went down the tracks.  Reflexively, I was counting…1, 2, 3, caboose….1, 2, 3, caboose…The last car came into sight and the gates chimed their opening, but I felt a little cheated–the last car– was just another boxcar.  What happened to cabooses?