Work in Progress Wednesday

Boxes and Vines is one of my many, many works in progress for my new weekly column.  I have so many unfinished projects that I am sure I can fill a year full of Wednesdays.

This quilt was started with another quilt’s small trimmings which I couldn’t bring myself to discard.  The small scraps formed the center squares.  I really liked how that looked, so I decided a border was in order.  That went well, so I decided it was worth another border…I am not sure where this will take me…



The Commander

The Commander Elevator building is one of the most familiar outlines in the Stillwater, MN skyline.

It was built in 1898 by the Woodward Elevator Company and operated by the Minnesota Flour Mill.  Over the years, it has had several different owners which operated the elevator and flour mill until 1986.   While the mill closed, the retail space remained open for the next 15 years and housed a climbing wall.  The space is sadly vacant at this time.