DO the Spiral!

Do you spiral?  Once you can spiral, you can make an endless array of motifs.   I like to call this pattern the Spiral Flower Border.

Just add leaves to your spiral and you have a lovely flower!  I used this motif repeatedly in Olivia’s Doodle Quilt (for more photos-see this post).

I’ve added a row of the spiral flowers to my practice piece…

I think I will bind this for another little vase quilt–any takers?

Below is a detail of the reverse spiral with echo quilting on each side…another detail that adds a little something:

Now I need your ideas/help...There must be a better way for me to post the drawing of a motif.  I currently draw the pattern onto paper and then photograph the paper.  As you can see, the results look a bit tacky.  I am not a techie person.  What is the best way to do this?  A Wacom tablet?  Photoshop?…I have so many motifs to share, I’m a little stymied by the best method…

Tomorrow’s motif:  The Spiral Lollipop Flower