The Easiest Flower Ever

If you thought the Spiral Lollipop Flower was fun-then you are going to love today’s flower motif.  This flower is The Easiest Flower ever!

Here’s a little quilted storyboard of where we are going:

Free Motion Quilting Flower Motif

Begin in the center and spiral outward–stopping with a complete circle.  Then just begin leapfrogging around the circle.  I usually like five petals.

Once you return to the first petal, start working your way around again…

As I go around again, I try to offset the petals by placing the inward point of the new petals- on the rounded apex of the row before it.

Continue circling around the flower until you have filled up most of the space-leaving room for leaves if desired.  After the last row of petals, I often stitch a narrow row of echo quilting… and then add leaves.

Free Motion Quilting Flower Motif

It is one of my favorite flower motifs and I use it frequently to fill squares.  I stitched it repeatedly in Olivia’s College Doodle Quilt.

I also like to stitch variations on The Easiest Flower:

The first block is the basic Easiest Flower:

The second flower is created by echo quilting after ever layer of petals is added.  It has a slightly different look…

The next variation is stitched by not off-setting the inward points and the curves.  This flower looks has a very pleasing look as well.

In the final variation, the last row of petals is pointed.   I really like this flower, too…(by now you must know that I have never met a flower I didn’t like…)

I hope you will have fun with this addictive little flower…and I hope you agree that it is The Easiest Flower Ever!

Practice on paper first…If you can’t doodle it on paper, you won’t be able to stitch it fluently…

Coming soon:  several festive Christmas tree motifs…

Until then…

Happy Stitching,