Work in Progress Wednesday

The weather here in Stillwater has been perfect–blue skies, warm days, and gorgeous fall color.  Needless to say, I have spent very little time in my sewing room studio.   I did a little handwork in the evening while I watched  Monday Night Football and Project Runway   (Do any of you follow the trials and tribulations of the fashion design wannabes?)

I doodled a bit….

and I cleaned my sewing room for a few minutes…(I needed the ironing board).

Soon enough the snow will fly and I will be a more productive quilter.  Here in Minnesota-when the weather is nice… we soak in every minute of it!

Where’s the Caboose?

Something unusual happened to me last week–I was delayed by a freight train.

As I sat there waiting, I became a bit nostalgic.  My husband and I were raised just outside Chicago–where long train delays are a daily frustration.  Chicago boasts the greatest number of lines coming in to and out of any city in North America, and prides itself for hauling the most freight-mostly coal and farm products.

Minnesota is only eighth in its railroad lines and carries primarily iron ore and farm products.  Fortunately for Minnesota residents, waiting for a train is a rare phenomenon.

So, I sat there reminiscing, enjoying the sounds of the wheels and the squeaking of the couplings as they went down the tracks.  Reflexively, I was counting…1, 2, 3, caboose….1, 2, 3, caboose…The last car came into sight and the gates chimed their opening, but I felt a little cheated–the last car– was just another boxcar.  What happened to cabooses?

Pioneer Park & The Colors of Fall Link-up

Last week was a peak week for color in eastern Minnesota.  Every street was dressed in its high holiday color and finery.  Every chance I could, I went for a walk with my camera.  (No quilting for me!)  These photos were taken from Pioneer Park in Stillwater. 
I wasn’t the only one who was out and about relishing the colors.  I saw several Stillwater Trolleys filled with people enjoying guided tours of Stillwater’s many historic buildings and local color.  ( I could hear roars of laughter coming from inside the trolleys…)

The town founders built a beautiful park on a high peak that overlooks the St. Croix River and the downtown area.  It is a very popular park –for good reason…the views are the best in the area!

So if you ever get a chance to visit our lovely town…do a little shopping downtown, grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants, and then head up to Pioneer Park for the best views!

Where is the best spot in your town for photos?    Let’s share the colors of autumn…Please link up with your favorite autumn photos.. We’d love to see your town or tree or bush or flower dressed in its fall finery…The link will be active through October.  If you are not a blogger, you can still link up through photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Shutterfly.

Can’t wait to see…

The glorious colors of autumn are so fleeting, let’s share our photos.  Please add your favorite photos to the collection below.