12 Favorite Photos From 2012

PK Behind the Plate, Baseball, Little League, Catcher

PK Behind the Plate


Summer Baseball

Olivia and Faye in the kitchen

Can’t cut fast enough

Farmer's Market008

Farmers’ Market


You’re a Good Egg

Pioneer Park004

Trolley at Pioneer Park, Stillwater, Minnesota


A Ghost Town Jaunt-Colorado

Autumn Trees002

Fall Color, Stillwater

Franconia Sculpture Garden006

Franconia Sculpture Garden

Balancing Act at Christmas

Balancing Act at Christmas

Australian Shepard in snow

Ruby in the Snow

Winter Sky Woodpecker

Winter Sky Woodpecker

That was 12, but here’s a couple of bonus photos…


The Art of Soup?!

MaraMi Christmas001

Cupcakes at Mara MI

A Public Service Announcement from The Inbox Jaunt

Snow through venetian blinds

Get your flu shot! ¬†For the first time in years, I neglected to get a flu shot…

Snow in Minnesota

Nearly four inches of beautiful snow fell last night…and I’m stuck on the sofa…


I guess I’ll catch up on my reading…

What do you do when you are “under the weather”?

I think I’ll go take my next nap…fortunately, I have plenty of quilts to snuggle under…