Amber Waves of Grain-A Photo Tip

I’ve read several times that three things are required for a great photo:

  • Subject
  • Composition
  • Light

A few weeks ago, I noticed the long rays of light from the setting sun in a field near my house.  I quickly pulled out the trusty Canon and set out to “chase the light”.

The light was changing very quickly and within minutes the mood of the photo also changed.

I found the best photos had a spotlight of sun directly on them:

The most dramatic difference was in the following two photos.  The first photo was taken where the sun’s rays were hitting the field.  The second photo was taken within 3 feet and three seconds of the first photo.  The only difference was the sun’s rays were shielded by the clouds in this area.

So the next time you’re out with your camera–remember–look for the light!

Fall Vase Quilt-and a quilt tip…


Whenever I want to try a new technique or have an “orphan” block, I like to make what I call a vase quilt.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

This pattern is called Dresden Plate by Edyta Sitar.  I liked the fall colors in the block, so I added a few simple borders–an opportunity to practice free motion quilting– and in just a few hours I had a Fall Vase Quilt.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

I was disappointed that the pattern in the gold fabric, didn’t allow the elaborate acorn and leaf pattern to show through clearly.

A solid fabric is a better choice when sewing complex free motion quilting patterns or when you want your quilting lines to be the star.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

It was a fun small study--a quilting etude- (sounds more important that way?!)  and a great way to use a practice block.  I’m sure all of the quilters out there have a few blocks that could become a lovely “vase quilt”!

I’d love to see them….