10,000 Steps-A Prairie Walk

Because quilting is a rather sedentary sport, I have to make a conscious effort to schedule exercise into my day.    I try to mix it up: Pilates, kettlebells, rowing.      In addition, I have been trying to take 10,000 steps a day.     This is no easy feat (feet?).  I purchased a pedometer-and it is the first accurate one I have ever owned.     In order to accomplish the 5 mile per day mark, I usually need to take a walk outside.  Of course, this makes my dogs and my camera -very happy!

Now it’s your turn…lace up those gym shoes and go for a jaunt…

…only 9999 more steps to go!

Beets-At the Farmers’ market this week

I have had a taste for beets ever since I read here that the Hooley family was making pickled beets.  I had my first beet five years ago in a restaurant salad and ever since…I’ve been hooked!  I crave beets sometimes…I don’t know why…they must have something in them that my body needs?

The beet is a lowly root vegetable, but even the ancient Romans recognized them as a health food.  Beets can be pickled, served in a salad, steamed and served with butter.  In Eastern Europe, beets are made into borscht, a cold soup.  Beets are commercially important because of their high sugar content (oh, now I get it–my body needs sugar!?)  They are also known antioxidants and help to lower cholesterol.   With all of that going for them….have you had your beets today?