Stillwater Morning Walk

Inspired by Yvonne Michelle at Photecstasy’s post on Chasing the Light, and in my constant effort to take 10,000 steps (Read more here)…I got moving early this morning to capture the sunrise in my hometown.  I love to shoot the Stillwater Bridge at this time of year, so off I went at 6:30 am.  (Fortunately, sunrise is fairly late at this time of year!)  Unfortunately, no sunrise was to be seen this morning –just too many clouds.

The morning was not without charm, however.  I enjoyed the quiet morning sounds on the St. Croix River and even spotted a blue heron  for good measure!

I’ll head back to the bridge later in the week and try again, but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy the quiet blues of this cloudy morning along with me!

Fall Reading



Now that the days are a bit cooler (and more importantly-shorter) here in Minnesota, I thought I’d start planning my fall reading.  I pulled some old favorites, but I really would like to read something new…

I’d love some suggestions for fall reading…I’m looking for something spooky to start October…