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Pin Cushion, Sewing, DIY

As I was cleaning my sewing room last week, I ran across this blue fabric with elegant pink birds on it…Before I knew it, I was cutting strips, combining fabrics and agonizing over color choices…

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Generally avoiding the task at hand:  cleaning my sewing room…Fortunately, my sewing room was organized just enough to find these ground black walnut shells– purchased at Rose Mille several weeks ago.  I used them to add heft to the cushion and sharpen the pins.

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Once  finished with that little diversion, I went back to cleaning the sewing room…

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Until I found the can of pins…


As you might have guessed,  cleaning the sewing room is just NOT a priority!

However, readers of The Inbox Jaunt are a priority…If anyone is interested, I can write a tutorial on making pin cushions—just say the word!

“A Thrilling Swashbuckler”

The Black Swan, Book Review, Rafael Sabatini, Mariner's Compass

There’s been very little quilting progress here lately.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions ( read more here) was to read more fiction.  I just finished The Hobbit,  which I liked, but didn’t love…and now I’ve returned to one of my favorite authors, Rafael Sabatini.  One reviewer described The Black Swan as “a thrilling swashbuckler“…what more could I want?  A clear, idealistic hero who rescues a witty damsel in distress…

If it’s anything like my other Sabatini favorites:  Captain Blood, Scaramouche, and The Sea-Hawk, there will be plenty of drama on the high-seas…pirates, buccaneers, intrigue…and while I enjoy all the action, what I am really drawn to is the witty prose.

I have a great deal planned for the next few weeks:  more giveaways, more tutorials, more about the Mariner’s Compass Block above… and a new look…so stay tuned…exciting things coming your way…

But for the moment…I’m lost in tropical trade winds off Barbados...

Come on Baby…Let’s Do “The Twist”

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Today we’re going to turn on a little 50’s music (for Chubby Checkers click here)

and Do The Twist(FYI—I was NOT around in time to dance the Twist….)

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

The Twist is one of my all-time favorite free motion quilt designs.  It just flows…like words from a snappy song…

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Start by drawing two “rails” to act as guidelines…For The Twist…begin stitching between the two lines-upward to the first rail.  Make a loop.  Then head slightly to the right and stitch the bottom loop…. Take a “hard right” as you travel to the beginning of the next Twist

Twist Green004

Try to keep the “loops” perpendicular to the “rails” and use the connecting stitches to do the traveling portion of the design…

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

The Twist makes an absolutely gorgeous border…and it is a fast and easy filler stitch...

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Just give this little tutorial a try, and I guarantee you will be singing the praises of your new skill!

For more tutorials, check out the Quilt tab above…

Let me know what you think, and if you would like any other tutorials related to All Things Quilting!