DO the Spiral!

Do you spiral?  Once you can spiral, you can make an endless array of motifs.   I like to call this pattern the Spiral Flower Border.

Just add leaves to your spiral and you have a lovely flower!  I used this motif repeatedly in Olivia’s Doodle Quilt (for more photos-see this post).

I’ve added a row of the spiral flowers to my practice piece…

I think I will bind this for another little vase quilt–any takers?

Below is a detail of the reverse spiral with echo quilting on each side…another detail that adds a little something:

Now I need your ideas/help...There must be a better way for me to post the drawing of a motif.  I currently draw the pattern onto paper and then photograph the paper.  As you can see, the results look a bit tacky.  I am not a techie person.  What is the best way to do this?  A Wacom tablet?  Photoshop?…I have so many motifs to share, I’m a little stymied by the best method…

Tomorrow’s motif:  The Spiral Lollipop Flower

Making an Easy Bow

Easy wreath bow

Many wreaths come with limp, lazy bows that require replacing–think Boy Scout wreaths–(I love Boy Scouts and their wreaths, but the bows….ugh!)

Here’s how I make bows that have a little spunk in them…

Easy wreath bow

SUPPLIES:For large outdoor wreaths, I use wired edge ribbon that is 1-1/2 inches -2 inches wide.  ( A 25-foot roll usually yields 2 bows.)  The wired edge puts the spunk in the bow-keeps it from losing it’s shape as it faces the winter weather.  I also prefer wire to tie the center.  Many florist wires come with a built in cutter–no need to find wire cutters (or ruin your mother’s sewing scissors–ahem…).  Scissors-for cutting the ribbon (not the wire–see above.)

Easy wreath bow

TO MAKE THE BOW: Hold the center of the ribbon and accordion loops of ribbon to the right and to the left.  Usually 5-7 loops in each direction will do the trick.  Leave a small tail and tie with a 20 inch piece of wire.  (The long wire tails will be used to attach to the wreath.)  Add a tail to the bow if you like.  More directions here.

Easy wreath bow

Easy wreath bow

Attach the bow to the wreath with the long wire tails…

Easy wreath bow

Hang your wreath…and step back to enjoy…

Easy wreath bow

I like how a wreath always says “Welcome!”.

Work in Progress Wed–Olivia’s Doodle Quilt

The weather has taken a turn here in Minnesota.  It is rainy and cold as I write this.  I’m not complaining–I have seen the destruction that Sandy left in her wake.  I’m just noting that sewing is seasonal for me.  On a cold fall or winter afternoon, there is no place I’d rather be than in my sewing room.  However, when the weather’s nice, you are more likely find me in the garden or off on some kind of jaunt.

So now is the time to finish a few quilting projects.  My main priority is Olivia’s Doodle Quilt-and I made a lot of headway this week.

My favorite part of quilting is the quilting--the free motion, let your mind wander, quilting

If you look closely, you will see that some times there is a little too much of the mind-wandering…

But I like to think of that as character…