Pumpkin Ales–Everyday Art

The word “Art” often has a formal connotation-limited to pieces found in formal collections, shown at galleries, or displayed at museums.  I am frequently impressed by the more ordinary “art” or what I like to call “Everyday Art”.

I am thinking of the visual treats we encounter daily…

For example on beer bottles…

If a lowly bottle of beer can be this artistically decorated—I want a case!

I’d like to start a regular column (and would love to have other bloggers link up…) called Everyday Art…  

For now, let’s raise a glass of pumpkin ale in toast of product labels that remind us of our favorite Halloween tale: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Pumpkins with Personality

I’ve met a few characters in my day, but none quite like this guy….He does look familiar doesn’t he?

Most of my carved pumpkins look more like this:

Though in my head, they begin like this:

Carved gourd

My knife skills aren’t all that good-perhaps I should stick to gourds that already seem to have a personality like this one:

Halloween gourd

I do love all the possibilities that these gourds inspire:

But, I really am a traditionalist, and I like the plain jack-o-lantern variety pumpkin…

This will do nicely:

Halloween Pumpkin

Can’t wait…just two more nights until Halloween (57 until Christmas…..)