Flag Day-Flag Etiquette

American Flag, Porch, Home

Photo courtesy of Olivia Kennedy (iPhone)

Today is Flag Day –a day commemorating the adoption of the American flag in 1777 by resolution of The Second Continental Congress.  Americans are encouraged to fly their flags for a week starting today.

There are just a few rules to consider when hanging your flag…

  • The American flag should only be flown during daylight–unless it is lit with a spotlight.
  • The flag should not be flown in inclement weather.
  • The Flag should not be allowed to touch the ground.
  • The flag should not be torn or faded.  (An old flag should NEVER be thrown in the garbage.  It should be burned — many VFWs and Boy Scout troops offer this service.)

There are many other rules related to flag protocol that you can read about HERE.

I plan to hang my flag, plant a few more flowers in the flower boxes and enjoy the wafting scent of our lilac tree.

Hope your day unfurls smoothly!


Repeat and Vary–A Design Tip

Free Motion Quilting, Design Tips, Pink Tulips, Quilting

Whenever I am stitching away and find myself at a loss for ideas, I return to the design principle of Repeat and Vary.  In visual design, repetition creates unity within a pattern, while variety develops interest.  A quilt pattern that is too repetitive is boring.  One that has too many design elements looks messy and chaotic.  The best designs balance repetition and variety.

In the little quilt above, I started with the tulips (See tutorial HERE)  and then I repeated the spiral from the tulip, but combined it with a straight line stitching pattern (see Tutorial HERE).

Free Motion Quilting, Design Tips, Pink Tulips, Quilting

In addition, I repeated the tulip row, but varied it by stitching it in a smaller scale in the outer rows of the quilt.

The Design Principle of Repeat and Vary is an easy one to incorporate into quilts as well as gardens, home decorations, etc.

Free Motion Quilting, Design Tips, Pink Tulips, Quilting

The next time you are struggling to plan your quilting–look for an element already in your quilt–and see if you can alter it — For example, if you have sewn a wedding ring quilt–stitch quilted rings in the border.  If your fabric is floral, copy that flower in your free motion quilting line.

When you are at the Garden Center, consider adding two new flowers of the same color, but different forms to your garden.

Free Motion Quilting, Design Tips, Pink Tulips, Quilting

Maybe next time we should talk about Focal Point?

To read more about design in quilting, you might like Contrast: A Design Tip   HERE