Row Houses-A Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday held on Thursday…I am a little late this week…Today we are building houses…Row Houses.  

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

In no time at all we will have a village!

Draw three lines, one inch apart.  This is a “two-pass” pattern.  The first “pass” will be the bottom of the house, and the second “pass” will be the roof.

Starting on the bottom line, stitch The Greek Key (find that tutorial HERE)  Leave a space between each “key”.

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

The second “pass” begins just above the bottom rail.  Stitch next to the “key” and then angle up to the top drawn line to create the first half of the roof. Next stitch down at an angle, stopping just before the drawn line.  Stitch a few stitches to the left…

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

Stitch the second triangle roof…

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

Next, stitch toward the center and create the third triangle.

Now you have finished the roof lines.  From here stitch out from the triangle and then down next to your first house into the space between the houses.

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

You are now ready to start the second roof line.

You might try a little variation:

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

Try adding a chimney…

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

…and some smoke and perhaps a set of stairs…

Free Motion Quilting, Houses, Tutorial

In an upcoming tutorial we will move into a Mansion with doors, windows, shutters, gardens…

I just LOVE Housework, don’t you?

Win! Giveaway Announced–Tuesday Tutorial Postponed

House Free Motion Quilting, Long Arm Motif

Due to some technical difficulties and a whole lot of time mis-management (okay, procrastination), the Tuesday Tutorial has been postponed until Thursday.  Honestly, May is always a crazy month–college kids coming home, graduations, festivities, and the first burst of good weather—gardening, barbecues, photo walks…I think the tutorial will be worth the wait—we will be working on houses!

In the meantime…I have a Giveaway for you of another gorgeous stencil from The Stencil Company…Tomorrow’s Work in Progress Wednesday post will include many photos of this stencil and the small quilt I made with it!

To win the stencil…please leave a Time Management tip or comment in the Comment Section of any post from now until next Monday (May 27th)…Two winners will be chosen–one winner for the Best Tip and the other by lottery–(Not as exciting as $600 million PowerBall, but your odds are much better!)

That’s all for now.  Thanks for being patient!