Open Line Friday–Do YOU Stabilize Your Quilts?

Nine Patch QuiltGood Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to Open Line Friday!  Everyone asks….Everyone Answers!

We have more than 10,000 experts from all areas of quilting and great minds don’t always think alike!

(BTW…I want to thank (and curse) all of you for your help on my English Paper Piecing questions.  Great advice and links for me to follow…for hours into the night!–If you missed it, check out the comments English Paper Piecing HERE.)


Today I would like to hear YOUR ideas on stabilizing,

What works for YOU…what doesn’t….

Do YOU stabilize your quilts before you begin free motion quilting?

Please join the discussion!


After the quilt is layered and basted…

(I used Warm and White Cotton batting for this quilt because it has white blocks and I didn’t want to discolor with a darker batting.)
Warm and White Batting,

I like to stitch in the ditch along the major blocks using a fine weight thread-so the stitching line is almost invisible.

Read all about Stabilizing Quilts HERE

Nine Patch QuiltStabilizing is adding another type of basting–only it is not removed.

Once the quilt is stabilized it can be quilted in any order.  You don’t have to quilt it from the center out.  Also, as you are scrunching and moving the quilt the layers can’t shift.  Nine Patch QuiltThis is one of my favorite things….
Nine Patch Quilt

A blank canvas…ready for quilting!!!

What about YOU?

Do YOU stabilize your quilts?

What is YOUR method?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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