Quilts in the Garden

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Today I am doing a little gardening…no gloves required…just my camera and a few quilts…

Poppy Quilt, Garden

I made this poppy quilt several years ago–from a pattern by Carol Morrissey.

Poppy Quilt, Garden

It required a lot of fused appliqué (and resulted in several burned fingertips!)  As you might guess, my favorite part was the free motion quilting!

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Ruby likes it, too!

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Are you in your garden or your studio today? (Or both?!)

Keep stitching,


Recommended Threads for Quilting

Threads for Quilting

Last week in the post, Let’s Talk About Threads (read more HERE), I recommended two threads, Aurifil cotton for piecing and quilting and Sulky rayon for quilting.  Then I asked you to share your favorite quilting threads.  I plan to give each recommended thread a “test drive” over the coming weeks.  If you’d like to join me, here’s a list of reader-recommended threads for quilting:

Cotton Threads–for quilting and piecing

  • Aurifil (No. 1 most recommended thread)
  • King Tut-Superior Threads
  • Masterpiece-Superior Threads
  • Guterman Cotton thread

Rayon Threads-for quilting, applique (not recommended for piecing)

  • Sulky-40 wt
  • Marathon
  • Robison-Anton Rayon

Polyester Threads-for quilting, applique, embroidery

  • Isacord ( No. 1 Recommended polyester thread)
  • Omni -Superior Threads
  • Polylite 60 wt -Sulky Threads
  • Permacore-A & E Threads
  • Sylko Trilobal-Coats and Clark
  • Glide

Invisible Threads – for quilting

  • Invisible – Aurifil
  • Wonderfil-Invisifil

Beth at Buzy Quilter, shared a link to her blog on how to make a cone holder.

Check your local quilt store for these threads….if unavailable, readers have recommended the following online sources for the above threads:

Superior Threadswww.superior threads.com

  • King Tut
  • Masterpiece
  • Omni

Red Rock Threads-www.redrockthreads.com

I have used this site, too and can recommend them.

Supplies most of the threads on the list (except Glide)

  • Aurifil
  • Permacore, Guterman
  • Isacord
  • Robison-Anton
  • Sulky
  • Wonderfil
  • Superior

Isacord Threadswww.isacordthread.com

  • Isacord

Sew for Lesswww.sewforless.com

  • Isacord
  • Sulky Polylite

Bobbin Centralwww.bobbincentral.com

  • Glide

Ebay store:  SewingThreads R Usmyworldebay

  • Coats and Clark–Sylko

Let’s keep this conversation “thread” going…if you find anything you like (or don’t like) please let me know…

I will post regularly with updates including samples, sources, needle pairings, price comparisons….

Organizing Thread

Organizing Thread

Last week, we had a great discussion about thread–thank you to all who participated!   I am compiling a list of the recommended threads, websites and other useful information for tomorrow’s Thready Thursday...

If you have a spool that doesn’t fit on your machine–Beth at The Buzy Quilter has a very easy solution.  Read about it HERE.  Beth,  thank you for sharing!

Also, Erika at Miss Sews-it-All  shared her blog post on proper thread storage.  She offers some great advice about protecting threads from light, dust, temperature, and humidity.  Read her post, When Good Thread Goes Bad HERE.  Erika, thank you for your advice on rayon vs. polyester thread as well!

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Heart Leaf Vine

All of this talk of thread inspired me to do an inventory of my collection.

Until now, I have stored my thread by color in plastic or cigar boxes.  (I collect cigar boxes–read more HERE.)

However, I’ve decided to re-organize all of my thread into plastic boxes–so I can see what I have–and by thread type or fiber,  instead of by color…

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Heart Leaf Vine

Sorting by thread type–and thus function–piecing, applique, hand work, quilting…makes more sense to me right now…

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Heart Leaf Vine

I also tossed a few spools of very old thread.  I have a few spools that the dogs chewed–do spools of thread look like moles to my dogs?  I put those spools in the hand-sewing box.

I’d love to hear how you store and organize your threads?  Any favorite boxes—I’m having trouble finding a box to hold the Isacord threads–any ideas out there?

When is the last time you took a thread inventory and tossed a few spools ( or shared them with your dogs )?  If you cull a few old spools–you’ll have room for a few new spools from tomorrow’s recommended list….