In the Garden This Week-Blanket Flower and Chomping Deer!

Blanket Flower, Gaillardia


I am a frustrated gardener this week.  I wanted to plant a variety of mums around my garden, only to find out that they are not hardy in Minnesota and are only planted as annuals!  This was news to me-even though I’ve lived in Minnesota for seven years…

I decided to hedge my purchase by buying three mums (annuals), three asters(perennials), and a Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)(perennial).  I planted them in the evening and by the next morning, the deer had stepped on the mums to reach the asters which they chewed down to base!  The only plant left standing was this lovely flower!  I love seeing the deer in my yard, but…I guess it’s back to the garden center for more (deer resistant) Blanket Flowers!

In blogging news…we have reached the 1000 followers mark!  Woo hoo!  Thank you to all who follow on a regular basis and those who drop by when you can!  We are so grateful to have you spend time at The Inbox Jaunt.   I have so much more to share…tutorials, projects, giveaways, recipes, photos,  surveys…

Also, you may notice that the site looks a bit different right now.  I have moved to a new blogging host and that brings a few new glitches and software for me to learn.  We will be changing our look going forward and I may have to take an occasional day off from posting…but trust me, I’m here–working on NEW things!  As I often say, I am much more comfortable behind my sewing machine than I am behind my computer…Wish me well as I wade through this…

WIP-Home Sweet Home and The Creative Process

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

Today is Work-in-Progress Wednesday.  I have so many works in progress that I would need a month (or two) of Wednesdays to show them all.  Home Sweet Home is a theme swirling in my head right now.  I decided it was time to test a few of my ideas on fabric.  Some of these patterns are already tutorials:  See Row Houses HERE, The Townhouse HERE and The Picket Fence HERE.    I am trying to incorporate more lettering in my quilting as well.  I like the personal touch it can add.  Read more about lettering HERE.

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

This is a very preliminary piece where I tried to stitch  out some of my ideas.   I also incorporated a few of the doodles from my notebook.   Once I choose a theme for a quilt, I go back and forth between stitching and doodling.  Some of the doodles do not translate well to stitching.  Whenever possible, I create continuous line designs from my sketches.  (Continuous line designs allow quilters to stitch without stopping and knotting. )  Once I have several motifs worked out, I will begin a large quilt.  I never totally pre-plan all of my free motion quilting.  Most of it is spontaneous-using all of my samples (many of which are in the tutorials above.)

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

I’d love to hear how you dive into a large project.  Do you stitch, doodle, stitch, doodle like me?  Do you follow a pattern?  Do you stitch a quilt from beginning to end or do you work on several projects at a time?

I am fascinated by the creative process and will be writing more about it in the weeks ahead.

If you would like to share your projects, please send a photo to my e-mail:  I will be setting up a Flickr group for all of us to share photos… on My September To Do List