Free Motion Quilt Practice-Bind ’em and Use ’em!

Free Motion Quilt


I will file this under…”Because You Asked”. In the post, How to Choose a Needle for Free Motion Quilting  HERE, I offered a small glimpse of this quilt underneath a few needles.  Several people asked to see more of this quilt…

This quilt was made nearly ten years ago…I’ve learned  a lot about quilting and binding since then!  It does illustrate a few things…Bind your practice pieces and use them.  I use this little quilt all the time under bowls of fruit or with a vase on top.  It’s only 14 inches square–and it’s far from perfect, but that’s partly why it gets so much use…I don’t care if I spill on it!

Also, date  your practice pieces. It will be a yardstick for how far you’ve come.   This one doesn’t have a date on it, but I wish it did.

A little tip for today…Bind and date your practice pieces!

Hope you’re having a restful day…at least you don’t have to cook!




Candy Stripe Quilts-WIP

Candy Stripe Quilts, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s free motion quilting tutorial, The Candy Stripe.  I thought I’d share these two small, vase quilts that I am binding.  You may recognize The Holly Leaf from our tutorial two weeks ago, and we will be working on The Pine Bough next week.

Candy Stripe Quilts, Free Motion QuiltingRight now the only visions I have dancing in my head are turkeys…(and the long lines at the grocery store this morning!)

Hope you have time to dance and sing and quilt today!