Free Motion Quilting–Barefoot is Best!


Free Motion Quilting-PartridgeHave you ever heard of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson?  He was a famous American baseball player who doffed his cleats once because they gave him blisters–earning him his famous moniker.

What about the Barefoot Running craze?  Though scientific research has yet to reach a consensus on the benefits of barefoot running–many runners have embraced this practice.

Free Motion Quilting_Partridge Motif

Quilters, it’s time to start our own fad–Barefoot Quilting!  Sewing barefoot gives you more precise control as you free motion quilt.   So the next time YOU step up to the plate, kick off  those shoes and add a little more “free” to your free-motion quilting!Free Motion Quilting_Partridge Motif

PS–One reader warns that if you are using an older model sewing machine with a metal foot pedal–this may not be advisable!