What to Do If You Only Have 15 Minutes to Quilt

Free Motion Quilting, Fish Welcome back to Open Line Friday.  Please join today’s discussion about Time Management for Quilters.

It’s that season when time is of a premium.  You probably fall into one of two categories:

  • 1.  You must spend every waking moment in your sewing room because you have so many gifts to complete…OR
  • 2.  You have so much shopping and cooking, you won’t see your sewing room until 2014.

Even when I am extremely busy, I try to spend at least 15 minutes/day quilting or sewing.  If I don’t…I get…well…cranky…

Fish Free Motion quilting

If I only have 15 minutes for sewing, I usually spend it:

  1. Cleaning and Organizing-even this feels creative.  I usually find things I have lost or forgotten-like this fish quilt.   (It was buried in a pile of “Tuesday Tutorials”! )   If my sewing room is not clean, 15 minutes is not enough time to sew–it takes that long to find everything and to move things around so there is room to work.
  2. Making small “Quilt Sandwiches”--If I have a stack of these in different sizes and colors all ready to stitch, I feel rich!  I love when I have an assortment ready and waiting!
  3. Trying a new motif–If my sewing studio is clean and I have  a few quilt sandwiches ready to go, then 15 minutes is enough time to try a new motif that I have been doodling
  4. Doodling-15 minutes is just enough time to sit and doodle and practice a new motif…For a few ideas, see the Red Apple Link or click HERE.

Time Saving QuiltingWhat do YOU do when you only have 15 minutes to be creative…

I’d love to hear!