Open Line Friday–Movie Suggestions?

Movies and Quilting

Welcome to Open Line Friday...I’d like to start today by answering a few questions that came up this week:

**Yes, I would love to teach someday...I have been talking to a  local quilt shop and am developing a workshop that I could offer at quilt guilds.  I am also considering an on-line workshop...any opinions, ideas?   —

**I almost always use Aurifil 50wt in my bobbin.  I love it–and more importantly, my Bernina loves it!  —

**My favorite batting for small tabletop or wall hangings is Warm and Natural.   It’s lightweight and quilts very well.  (I will discuss my favorite batting for  larger quilts in an upcoming post.)

**On Basting Quilts-I usually spray-baste my small quilts, but safety-pin my large quilts.

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The Radiant Star: Nine Ways

Radiant Star QuiltOne of the great things about going on a quilt retreat, is seeing how a single pattern is interpreted by different quilters.  Under the guidance of Rhonda Rannow-quilt instructor, extraordinaire, many of the quilters worked on The Radiant Star Quilt from Eleanor Burns.  (See the book HERE)  The quilt above was created by Rhonda.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

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Work In Progress-The Spider Web Quilt

Spider Web Quilt

Thank you to all of you who sent advice and good wishes my way after yesterday’s trauma…(Read more HERE). I was surprised to hear how many of you had also stitched right through your fingers!  Fortunately, the needle did not go through my nail–like it did for some of you– I am recovering nicely, (as is my Bernina) thank you!  As a result of my injury, I avoided dishes and gardening yesterday and instead worked on my little Spider Web quilt.

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