Open Line Friday–Why Do YOU Quilt?

Free Motion Quilting, Scissors


Have you ever considered WHY you quilt?  The first response that comes to my head is “Because I can’t stop”.  So is it some kind of addiction?  If you Google “quilts” and “addiction” pages and pages of information can be found-most are fabric stores, blogs, etc, but the notion of quilting as an addiction is not unique to me.  I was unable to find any serious discussion about it, but I am left to wonder…


What drives this quilt-obsession?  For me, it’s the need to create and answer the question:  What if?  What if I tried this fabric combination instead of that?  What if I used this thread instead?  What if I changed that block to this one?  What if I did “this” instead of “that”–would it improve the process?  I enjoy both the creative and intellectual challenge of quilting.


I think I am also driven by color.  I love color.  I love the array of colors found in both fabrics and threads.  I love sorting and re-sorting fabrics into different color combinations for my quilt blocks  and trying all sorts of thread/fabric combinations.


Finally, I want to create quilts so generations down the line will know me in some small way.   I love the quilts and afghans that my husband and I have inherited from previous generations.


Today on Open Line Friday, I’d love to hear why YOU quilt…

Thank you in advance for sharing…


Free Motion Quilting, Scissors

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Modifying Free Motion Quilt Motifs

Sailboats Free Motion Quilting

Do you ever see a quilt pattern that is designed as a border, but you need a “fill” pattern?  Have you ever admired a square free motion quilt motif, but you needed to fill a circle?  Today’s challenge is designed to help you think of ways to modify any pattern to suit your quilting needs.


Change any of the free motion quilt motifs found HERE  (or by clicking the Red Apple in the Sidebar)  into an all-over or “filler” pattern and show us your results.  Doodle or stitch–we’d love to see it!


In the image above, I used The Sailboat tutorial and modified it to use as an all-over, continuous line design.  It took a bit of doodling, but I think it will look great on a summer quilt I am planning.  This practice piece (etude?–sounds more polished?) was stitched with Robison Anton Rayon on top and Aurifil 50wt in the bobbin using a Schmetz 80Topstitch needle on my Bernina 820–a domestic sewing machine with an extended harp space–without a BSR.

Doodle, Saillboat, Continuous Line Design

Please share your trials with the group by linking up below–just follow the smooth sailing InLinkz instructions–easy!  Once you’ve all had a chance to try InLinkz, I will be offering new challenges and new ways to win a few very nice prizes!



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Sweet Sunshine Vase Quilt

FMQ, Sunshine, Quilt…my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray….Name that tune in 15 words or less?  I’m sure those of you who knew “A Bushel and a Peck”  (see the Valentine Quilt HERE) will be able to help me out again.  I always get these little ditties going (and repeating in my head) and I have no idea where they come from…

FMQ, Sunshine, QuiltToday’s little vase-quilt–I love little quilts on which to put my vases and bowls…is designed using  yesterday’s tutorial,  Sweet Sunshine.

FMQ, Sunshine, QuiltI added a few sunshines, a few half-sunshines, The Twist, and then a bunch of whirls and twirls…

FMQ, Sunshine, Quilt


Orange Kona cotton with Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin and Robison Anton Rayon on top…using a Schmetz Topstitch 80 needle on my Bernina 820 sewing machine (with it’s huge light).   I did not use the Bernina Stitch Regulator that came with the machine.  I tried it only once and never used it again.  I learned without the stitch regulator and found it threw off my natural timing when I tried it later…

FMQ, Sunshine, QuiltDoes anyone else like Bananagrams–We love it around here!

FMQ, Sunshine, QuiltHope you are enjoying a little fun and games in the Sweet Sunshine wherever you are today!


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