Every Day Art

Alligator DrawingI’m feeling a bit “under the weather” today and completely uncreative.  This alligator was sent to me by my sister’s grandson.  It brightens my kitchen…

Don’t you think this would be a great quilt pattern?

Maybe Jack could send a few more drawings my way? (Hint, hint)

Hope you are all well and feeling creative.


…and I did get my flu shot this year…

A Doodle Kind of Week

Sewing DoodlesIt’s only the ninth day of January, and it’s already been a busy year!  Some weeks it’s just impossible to get into my sewing room.  Still, I never have trouble finding time to doodle.

Sometimes my doodles are as mindless as the “radiant orchid” scribbles below…But even that can spur an idea…Does it look a bit like an Easter Basket to you?

Sewing DoodlesOne of our followers would like a tutorial on my sidebar sewing machine doodle.  I’m working on that in the doodles below.

Sewing DoodlesAs long as I can’t be at my sewing machine, at least I can doodle a few patchworks…

Sewing Doodles

Sewing DoodlesIf you don’t get to stitch this week…try a few doodles or just scribble.  At least you’re still being creative!


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Snow Crystal Quilt

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

Welcome to all the new followers who joined us over the last few days from The Quilting Board.  (Thanks, too to those who shared our tutorials there!  I always appreciate the “shout-out”)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s free motion quilt tutorial, The Snowflake.  Here in Minnesota, January is practically synonymous with being preoccupied with temperature (currently -19F) and snowfall.  So bear with me, if I bring you another Snowflake Quilt

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

This little quilt is 20 inches square and was stitched on my Bernina 820 domestic sewing machine.  I used Aurifil in the bobbin and Sulky on top.

I used an child’s stencil to create the snowflakes.

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

When I was finished quilting, I thought a few beads and sequins would add a little sparkle–like snow crystals.  I spread them randomly around the quilt and hand stitched them in place.

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

I’m going to try to add a little ribbon border as my binding, but am still working that out…

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

While many Minnesotans embrace winter by skiing, snow shoeing, etc…I embrace winter by quilting!

What do you do to get through winter?