The Quilt Notebook-The Unfinished Project Page (or Pages)


The Quilt Notebook

Good Morning, Quilters!  Thank you, Thank you for all your tips, ideas and links to help me manage my scrap heap.  Suggestions ranged from composting and making dog beds from the smallest scraps to links for the most gorgeous scrap quilts I have ever seen.  I love the leaders-enders idea and can’t wait to review some of the other links you shared!    Some of you volunteered to take the scraps off my hands–I think a Giveaway is on the horizon!   I loved the idea of a scrap-swap.  Isn’t  that a great guild idea?

All of this leads me back to The Quilter’s Notebook... a place to store all of our ideas…(Read More HERE.)

Let’s start a page in our Quilt Notebooks labeled “Websites” ..  List The Inbox Jaunt first then add the links to the scrap quilts.  Our major assignment this Monday is to start a UFO Page.

Today we are going a-hunting and a-gathering.  Grab your Quilt Notebook, a pen and your digital camera (optional).  Your mission is to track down every unfinished  quilt project you ever collected.  EVERYTHING!  It doesn’t matter how large or small the project or quilt is…Write it down!

For today, just make a LIST of all your UFOs.  A quick snapshot  or sketch may also be helpful for reference.

The Quilt Notebook

If you’re like me, you will find a few long forgotten gems…(see  HERE and HERE)

The Quilt NotebookNext week we’ll take a closer look at our UFOs and what they say about our buying patterns and our quilting habits.  Then we’ll analyze our UFOs to set priorities.  Later, I’ll help you decide whether to purge or re-purpose a few of the low priority quilts…


  • Start a page in your notebook to list websites you visit.  List  The Inbox Jaunt first (of course)!
  • List your UFOs–no editing!


PS…All information, tutorials, and images are property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are for personal use only!

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Open Line Friday-HELP! What To Do With Scraps?

Quilting Fabric ScrapsToday is Open Line Friday.  I love Open Line Fridays because I learn sooo much from you!  We have discussed everything from  Marking Pens HERE, Movies, HERE, and Pressing Products HERE -just to name a few.  (Type Open Line Friday into the search box on the bottom of the sidebar to find more.)  The usual form on Open Line Fridays is:

  • I share a question I am frequently asked.
  • I offer my suggestions for handling the issue.
  • I open it up for others to give their suggestions.

Today, we are breaking with tradition.  I have no answers when it comes to the scrap heap in my sewing room!  The fabrics are too pretty to throw away…but they defy order!  How do I turn these boxes (and there are more in my basement) into manageable mayhem?  I know some people cut their scraps into squares…tell me more!

Scrap Heap001What do YOU do with the beautiful scraps and leftovers??? What about the not-so-beautiful ones?

Disorderly yours,


Lots more quilting next week-including a Giveaway…Stay tuned!  And to our Australian friends who report that it has been 115F  Stay cool! –I’ll stop complaining about the snow and cold here in Minnesota.  Yikes!