Open Line Friday-HELP! What To Do With Scraps?

Quilting Fabric ScrapsToday is Open Line Friday.  I love Open Line Fridays because I learn sooo much from you!  We have discussed everything from  Marking Pens HERE, Movies, HERE, and Pressing Products HERE -just to name a few.  (Type Open Line Friday into the search box on the bottom of the sidebar to find more.)  The usual form on Open Line Fridays is:

  • I share a question I am frequently asked.
  • I offer my suggestions for handling the issue.
  • I open it up for others to give their suggestions.

Today, we are breaking with tradition.  I have no answers when it comes to the scrap heap in my sewing room!  The fabrics are too pretty to throw away…but they defy order!  How do I turn these boxes (and there are more in my basement) into manageable mayhem?  I know some people cut their scraps into squares…tell me more!

Scrap Heap001What do YOU do with the beautiful scraps and leftovers??? What about the not-so-beautiful ones?

Disorderly yours,


Lots more quilting next week-including a Giveaway…Stay tuned!  And to our Australian friends who report that it has been 115F  Stay cool! –I’ll stop complaining about the snow and cold here in Minnesota.  Yikes!

Beautiful Art with a Message?

Morisot.webHappy Birthday, Berthe Morisot!

This painting, “The Artist’s Daughter” by Berthe Morisot is one of my favorite pieces in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts–for obvious reasons! I like to think they are quilting!   Mrs. Morisot was one of the few female Impressionists.  This portrait is of the artist’s daughter, Julie.

At first glance, I assumed that the painting depicted a mother teaching her daughter to stitch.  After reading more about the painting, HERE we find that Julie is with her Nanny.    Seems sad to me that the artist is only an observer in her daughter’s life…What do you think?

For more information about the MIA’s collection, see HERE.

Hope you have family time today!