Open Line Friday – The Essential Quilting Skills

Vintage Sewing Notions


One of the reasons most of us enjoy quilting so much is the never-ending challenge of new skills to learn and new techniques to try.  A quilter can never master all the possible quilt techniques, but we can add skills with each quilt we make.  As part of our ongoing series, The Quilt Notebook, we are discussing how to steadily improve as a quilter by using a “Skills Inventory”— a list of quilting skills we’ve mastered and a list of techniques we’d like to try.


While no one can learn all the possible quilt skills, there are a few “Essential Skills” that every quilter must learn.  Today, on Open Line Friday, I would like your help creating the Essentials List.     The “Essential Ten”-(more or less) should include all the skills necessary to create the most basic quilt, and include techniques that will save time and frustration later (like stitching a 1/4 inch seam accurately).   We will use this list in our Quilt Notebooks as a starting point for our Skills Inventory and I hope to create a tutorial for each of the basic skills.

Vintage Sewing Notions


A few essential skills I would include on the list are:

  • Stitch an accurate and consistent 1/4 inch seam.
  • Use a rotary cutter properly to accurately cut straight lines.
  • Memorize three crock pot meals for all-day quilt-a-thons.

Vintage Sewing NotionsLET’S BRAINSTORM 

After we create our “Essentials” list, we will dive into the “The Next Ten” list–but we’ll save that for another day…For today…What do YOU think are the skills that every quilter must learn…I’d love to hear!


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Sketch Book Idea

Free Motion Quilting, DoodlesDo you ever work on a little FMQ practice and find one area or motif that looks great, but the rest isn’t worth saving?

Next time, try this little trick:  Cut out the motif you like and stitch it into your sketchbook.   Use an old needle, stitch right through your motif and the paper.  I find this works much better than glue.

Free Motion Quilting, DoodlesThen add a few more doodles and you have a nice record of your favorite FMQ!

Free Motion Quilting, DoodlesWhat about YOU?  Have you ever tried stitching fabric to paper?  I’d love to hear any tips or tricks…

Happy FMQoodling,


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