The Quilt Notebook Series…

Framed Free Motion Quilting, Pencils


Attention, Class!  It’s time for (the dreaded) NOTEBOOK CHECK!  This will count as 100 points on your Report Card!  Remember those days?…

How are you doing on your Quilt Notebook?


In January, we started with a fresh, new Quilt Notebook-a place to store ALL of our quilt ideas, information, and inspiration.    Read Start Today-A Quilt Notebook about choosing a notebook HERE.

Next, we discussed getting our quilt life organized and creating our personal quilt history. We started a new page for every quilt and listed ten important facts about each of these quilts.    Read  Take Note-The Quilt Notebook HERE.

Later in the month, we scoured our houses-basement to attic to find every quilt project we’ve ever started.  We  listed them on a new page in our Quilt Notebooks: The Unfinished Object (UFO) Page HERE

Framed Free Motion Quilting

In February, we set priorities by evaluating the quilts on our UFO list and we chose The Big Three-quilts on which to focus our time and energy.  Read Establishing Priorities  (HERE)

Then we organized The Big Three Quilts and made it easy to stay focused on these quilts. Read about Jump Starting our Works in Progress (WIPs) HERE

Framed Free Motion Quilting, Pencils

In March, we added two more pages to our Notebooks:  Mastered Skills and Techniuqes to Try —Read Skills Inventory HERE   And we worked together to establish The Twelve Skills Every Quilter Must Know  HERE to create a personal skills inventory so we continue to improve our skills with every quilt and project.

Then we went on a long vacation and didn’t do anything with our notebook ==Notebook Grade C- (OH, wait!  That was ME—not  YOU, right?)

Framed Free Motion Quilting, Pencils


It’s time to pour yourself a cup of tea and glance through your quilt notebook.

  • Do you have your notebook?
  • Do you have a page listing your favorite quilting websites like The Inbox Jaunt?
  • Do you have a page for every completed quilt? (what about a photo?)
  • Do you have a UFO (unfinished object) page?
  • Did you choose your Big Three Quilts? Are they each listed on a separate page in your Notebook?
  • Are The Big Three organized in boxes, ready to work when you have 15 minutes to quilt?
  • Do you have a Personal Skills Inventory?
  • Do you Pages with Mastered Skills and Techniques to Try?
  • Do you have a Pinterest Board to collect “Skills to Learn”?

Framed Free Motion Art Quilt


If you’re still struggling with your UFOs–I’ve got great news for you!  A reader of The Inbox Jaunt has just the right course for you!   Mary Huey of Mary Huey is a very experienced teacher and she will be offering  FREE Enrollment in her UFQ (Unfinished Quilt) Assault Tactics online class…

See how you can win…coming MONDAY!


NOTE to SELF–Add framed free motion quilted pieces to Unfinished Projects:

  • Patterns stitched-Complete
  • Projects framed-Complete
  • Etsy shop opened-Complete
  • Enter Adorable Free Motion Quilted and Framed Art Quilts in Etsy shop—Another unfinished item!

Note–The Framed Art Quilts were stitched on a Bernina 820 using Aurifil thread in the bobbin and Sulky Rayon on top.

PS…All images, tutorials and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to tell all your  friends about us.  Blog, phone call, Pin, tweet with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For any other use, please contact me at  Thank YOU!