‘C’ is for…And a Quick Letter Project


The Letter C- StitchedDear Readers,

Last week we had a most hilarious discussion about quilting and other abbreviations and acronyms…Read more HERE... I was certainly not alone in my confusion  about some of these written shortcuts.  Thank you to all who added to the list and provided links to other lists.  My plan is to compile all the abbreviations for easy reference here at The Inbox Jaunt and in our Quilt Notebooks.

I also asked…What is the “c” for in my initials: LCK?  Here’s a little hint…

Downton Abbey Quote

The most frequent guess was “Catherine”–which definitely would sound great with Kennedy!  as does Caroline, of course…

The Letter C- StitchedMy favorite guess was “Cookie”–(chocolate chip, yes, thank you!)

The Letter C- Stitched

The Letter C- StitchedBy now you’re all probably thinking my middle name is Cora...but it’s not…Lori Cora–is not a good name do you think?

In fact, The Letter C is taken from my maiden name-Crawley-–Just like the heirs to Downton Abbey.  (I’m convinced I’m an heiress as well!)

Downton Abbey Quote

My middle name is Ann and I didn’t want my monogram to be LAK–

Too bad my parents didn’t name me Lori Ursula–that would have been fortuitous, don’t you think?

The Letter C- StitchedI have a small disclaimer here…I found both of the Downton Abbey photos and captions on Pinterest.  I know Matthew and Lord Grantham are cousins–but is Cora’s last name Crawley?  or is this just a Pinterest mistake?

NOTE:  The letters in the top three images were free printables I found  at Skiptomylou.org HERE...  I simply layered fabric and batting, stitched around the letters twice and then cut close to the stitched line–leaving a raw edge.  Cute for decorating packages or bulletin boards…or maybe as a child’s spelling toy.

Until tomorrow,  (I have a fun TFMQT–Tuesday Free Motion Quilt Tutorial) for you!


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