Do You Cross-Train? Open Line Friday


Embroidery, Sampler


In the world of athletics, the benefits of cross training are well-known.  Cross training emphasizes different motor skills, increases motivation and allows rejuvenation  or “active rest” for muscle groups.  Is there such a thing as “Creative Cross Training?”  Does cross training improve our creative skills?

Embroidery, Sampler


I began sewing and needle work when I was quite young.   I enjoyed crochet, embroidery, crewel work and needlepoint.  I did a little counted-cross stitch–but found it frustrating.  For years, I concentrated on garment construction and home dec sewing.    My sister taught me to knit and while I enjoyed that very much, I made a decision to avoid knitting–and more importantly–yarn shops– at all costs.  (Emphasis on the words: all costs!)   Once I found quilting, I was hooked…I dropped everything else and focused on quilting.


For now,  my only cross training is photography and quilting-both are intellectually stimulating with endless areas of interest to explore.  Quilting and photography are a perfect pairing.  Quilting is very “process” oriented as a quilt can take years to complete.  On the other hand, photography is practically “instant gratification” compared to quilting.   I think photography improves my quilting skills by forcing me to be more aware of light, color and composition.  While quilting improves my photography by teaching me the value of slowing down and planning.

Counted Cross Stitch Embroidery

Sampler stitched by Olivia Kennedy


Today on Open Line Friday…let’s discuss the benefits of “Creative Cross-Training”…Do you enjoy other forms of creativity?  If so, what is #2 in your book?  And, how do the two activities reinforce each other?

I’d love to hear…


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