Free Motion Quilt Practice-Bind ’em and Use ’em!

Free Motion Quilt


I will file this under…”Because You Asked”. In the post, How to Choose a Needle for Free Motion Quilting  HERE, I offered a small glimpse of this quilt underneath a few needles.  Several people asked to see more of this quilt…

This quilt was made nearly ten years ago…I’ve learned  a lot about quilting and binding since then!  It does illustrate a few things…Bind your practice pieces and use them.  I use this little quilt all the time under bowls of fruit or with a vase on top.  It’s only 14 inches square–and it’s far from perfect, but that’s partly why it gets so much use…I don’t care if I spill on it!

Also, date  your practice pieces. It will be a yardstick for how far you’ve come.   This one doesn’t have a date on it, but I wish it did.

A little tip for today…Bind and date your practice pieces!

Hope you’re having a restful day…at least you don’t have to cook!