Open Line Friday–Do You Have a “Travel Project”?

Hand Dyed Miniature Hexie Quilt First, I want to thank you for all your kind words and encouragement about my new column: My Line with Lori Kennedy in American Quilter Magazine.   Read more HERE.  To answer your questions:  Yes, I will continue blogging–I have way too much I want to say to limit myself to six times per year!   And, I agree-my next project is THE BOOK!  (But first…two college graduations, a confirmation, a few showers, and A WEDDING in May!)  Then I will buckle down and work on THE BOOK.

Hand Dyed Miniature Hexie Quilt I know many of you love hexies.  My sisters inspired me to start this mini hexie project.  It’s small enough to carry all the necessary supplies and fabric in a stationery box.  I like to work on it during long car rides.  I used to bring a Travel Project wherever I knew I’d be waiting for long periods of time–sport practices for the kids, air travel, etc. but I always found it awkward to pull out my sewing.

Hand Dyed Miniature Hexie Quilt

While I love the idea of using those little bits of time to work on my projects, my Travel Project is only for long car rides.

Hand Dyed Miniature Hexie Quilt

What about YOU?  Do you have a Travel Project?  What projects do you think best for travel?   Do you think it’s awkward to quilt in public?

I’d love to hear…


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Good News to Share!

American Quilter MagazineI have great news to share!  Thanks to all of YOU telling your friends about the fun we are having here at The Inbox Jaunt-American Quilter magazine (American Quilt Society) has asked me to write a bimonthly column for their magazine!  I can not thank YOU, Gentle Readers enough for all the encouragement you have given me to pursue this (and several other projects).

American Quilter MagazineI am absolutely delighted to see the tutorial in print!  It may look familiar–the step-by-step presentation is the same, but each article will include new projects, techniques, and ideas!

American Quilter Magazine

American Quilter magazine can be purchased at many stores:  JoAnn’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, etc.   However, joining the American Quilter Society  HERE is the best value–All six issues plus other benefits for $25.

American Quilter MagazineAgain, I would like to thank all of the readers of The Inbox Jaunt.  Many opportunities to write and teach have come my way as a result of YOUR referrals and encouragement.  Writing for American Quilter is a thrilling opportunity I never imagined when I wrote my first Tuesday Tutorial…who knows what’s next?!!

Yours truly,