Open Line Friday–Advice to “Newbie” Quilters

Embroidered House Quilt


In keeping with our conversation regarding abbreviations  (Read more HERE)—– TGIF!  (Thank Goodness It’s Friday!)    It’s been a wild week AND MONTH here at the Kennedy Household-and it’s about to get even crazier–We have  25 baseball games, one confirmation,  two college graduations, three showers and a wedding– all in the next six weeks.  That’s a lot of costume changes! (Any bets on whether we’ll get the wedding quilt done in time???)

So if I’m a little inattentive to blogging, please be patient…


Today on Open Line Friday, I’d like to hear what advice YOU would give a “Newbie” quilter.  If YOU ARE a Newbie Quilter, what have you already learned or what advice are you looking for???

I’ll start the ball rolling…

I  (should tell myself)  would tell every Newbie out there—

LESS IS MORE–in other words, go slowly and enjoy the process.  Resist the temptation to buy every new gadget,  pattern, ruler and piece of fabric …there’s plenty of time to collect all that stuff –IF you even need it!   And the corollary to that is:

MAKE IT WORKPut your creativity to work by using what you have...(Sounds like a challenge we could try as a group???—after the wedding….)

Embroidered House Quilt002

Hope YOUR life is filled with family, friends, fun and of course….QUILTs!


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The Windowsill Garden Mini-Quilt

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingIF YOU CAN DOODLE IT, YOU CAN QUILT IT

I hope you had time to try yesterday’s Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) tutorial, The Windowsill Garden.  Remember, if you don’t have time to stitch the patterns, try to find a few minutes each day to doodle the motifs.  It’s a great way to learn the pattern before you get to the sewing machine.


Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion Quilting

I used the design from yesterday’s tutorial to create this “vase quilt” –just a little something to add color under my vases, candy jars, Easter basket…


I started with a 20″ x 24″ piece of fabric and drew a rectangle in the center of the fabric – leaving a  wide margin to test my tension and for trimming later.  I drew diagonal  lines  across the rectangle and lines bisecting the rectangle in each direction.    By placing the major design elements on these lines, I know my quilt will be visually balanced.

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingI began by stitching a large flower-pot on each of the drawn lines and a few smaller pots in between.

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingThen I layered in more quilting to fill the entire quilt.

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingI used this (new-to-me) two-ply 35wt Rayon thread from Robison-Anton (It’s now called Twister Tweed-not Swirl Sensation.) I found it at my LQS (Local Quilt Shop) or try HERE  and Red Rock  Threads HERE

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingThe two plys are different colors and together they create a fabulous textured effect! Fabulous!  I want ALL the colors!   The thread stitches beautifully with a Schmetz Topstitch 90 needle –(I used Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin.)

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion QuiltingI’m hoping the little birdies will be singing on my windowsill now that the flowers are returning…

Windowsill Flowers, Free Motion Quilting

What’s new out your window today?  Flowers? Birds? Threads?

I’d love to hear…


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