The HUGE Sulky Giveaway–Did YOU Win?

Sulky Thread, Heart Quilt


It was quite a week at The Inbox Jaunt!  We made nearly 400 new friends this week!

Many of you joined us from Sulky for the HUGE Giveaway…

Others joined us from The Quilting Board to see the buzz on Peggy’s paper-piecing…(Thank you, jeaninmaine!)

We made a lot of new friends from other places as well…

However you found us–WE’RE THRILLED YOU’RE HERE and hope you take a good look around.  I think you’ll find lots of information, tips, tutorials and of course, plenty of photos!

Sulky Thread, Heart Quilt



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Sulky Thread, Heart Quilt


Rayon is synonymous with Viscose.

Rayon is made of cellulose pulp–from wood.

Cellulose pulp is most often made from Pine or Spruce Trees.

Rayon threads are not just for embroidery–Rayon is gorgeous for Free Motion Quilting!

Sulky Thread, Heart Quilt



The Winner of the HUGE Sulky Giveaway is….

                       Ness (Swedie)

Congratulations!  We are happy for you and jealous at the same time…

Please contact me at with your address for shipping.


Thank you to Kelly at Sulky for setting up this fabulous giveaway…

You can read her blog HERE.  Her current post is a darling journal cover tutorialI can just picture it stitched with one of our practice FMQ pieces.


Please join us tomorrow for the return of Open Line Friday.  I have an important question to ask you…and I can’t wait to hear your answers!

I know you will all find this topic interesting….

Happy Stitching and Gardening,


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Applique and Free Motion Quilting – A Design Tip

Thistle Quilt,  Applique, Free Motion QuiltingAPPLIQUE AND FREE MOTION QUILTING

My mother has been hanging my “artwork” on her refrigerator for years…All those school drawings and doodles.  I’ve really never stopped sending my mother these little tokens–She remains my biggest fan!

I only have one photo of this Thistle Quilt as I sent it off to my mother years ago.  It’s made with my hand dyed fabrics and commercial prints.

This represents my early free motion quilting (Any earlier than this is not publishable!)


I echo stitched around the motifs several times and then added a few swirls and bubbles.

The border was stitched with straight line quilting using a standard sewing machine foot–not free motion quilting…The straight lines create CONTRAST-(Read more about Contrast HERE.)

This a great way to handle quilting around appliqué designs…Give it a try on an “orphan block”.

What about you?  Who’s your biggest fan?  Do you send little pieces to your mother every once in a while?  (HINT, HINT to my five daughters!)

I’d love to hear!


PS…All images, tutorials and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, Pin, Tweet or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at





Free Motion Quilting – Operation ZigZag

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagWELCOME NEW QUILTERS!

If you are new to The Inbox Jaunt, we’re glad you (finally) found us!  There’s a lot of quilting for you to explore and more than 75 free motion quilting tutorials HERE 

You might like to start with “Seven Steps to Free Motion Quilting  HERE .

Another favorite is “Inattentive Quilting: A Cautionary Tale” HERE


For those of you who have been following for a while, you know… I took two weeks off from our free motion quilt tutorials…

First, my twin daughters graduated from college!  Yeah, Girls!

GetAttachment-1.aspxOne week later, another daughter got married…So happy!


I stayed busy…

What about you?

Did you stitch while I was away?

Did you doodle?

Did you complete any UFOs???


Today we have five motifs for you to try–all variations of the ZigZag–

The Plain Zig Zag

I frequently use a plain Zig Zag in my quilts.  Nothing fancy.  No marking.  Just plain fun.  A plain Zig Zag resembles Rick-Rack and looks sweet on any quilt.

Because it is a straight line pattern it pairs well with curvy designs like flowers, spirals and swirls.

The Plain Zig Zag should be a mainstay in your quilting repertoire.

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagThe Wide Zig Zag 

When you need a little bolder pattern, try The Wide Zig Zag.

Start by drawing two lines or “rails“.  (Rails are drawn lines used to keep stitching tidy.)    In the sample below, the lines are one inch apart.

Begin stitching on the top rail.  Stitch on the line several stitches then stitch a “V”.  Stitch on the top line again and repeat.

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZag

Continue across your quilt…

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagNext, stitch on the bottom rail several stitches adding an inverted “V”  between the “V”s on the top line.

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagContinue until the row is completed:  Lovely!

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagThe Keyhole Zig Zag 

The Keyhole Zig Zag begins exactly like the Wide Zig Zag:  Stitch along the top rail, adding “V”s….

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagOn the bottom rail…Add a small open circle to the inverted “V”s…

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZag

Continue along the bottom rail—Now isn’t that fancy?!

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZag

The Doubles

If your quilt requires a bolder pattern-

Stitch two rows of Wide ZigZags ( You might call this “The Double Wide Zig Zag”)

This creates a secondary pattern that is very MODERN! — Any Modern quilters out there??

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagThe Double Keyhole ZigZag

You can do the same with The Keyhole ZigZag

Free Motion Quilting, ZigZagSULKY CONTEST

NOTE–This tutorial was stitched on Kona cotton using Sulky 40 wt Rayon on top and Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin on my Bernina 820 (Domestic Sewing Machine) without a stitch regulator.

There is still one more day to enter the HUGE Sulky Giveaway –$100 worth of Sulky Rayon thread…Read more HERE


June is going to be a fast-paced month here at The Inbox Jaunt…Lots more quilting…photography…iphoneography…gardening…family…another Giveaway…and some Summer Reading….

If you’re looking for a good book…I just finished Agent ZigZag–the true story of a double agent in WWII–a fascinating biography!  Nice Father’s Day gift….

Happy Zigzagging!


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