Open Line Friday–The $75 Quilt Room Challenge


Quilt TablesWelcome back to Open Line Friday…Last week we discussed books that have inspired us.  Thank you to all who recommended books.   I ordered several books and can’t wait to read YOUR favorites!

As you know, on Open Line Friday, ANYONE can ask ANY QUESTION, and WE ALL ANSWER!.  There are so many quilters at The Inbox Jaunt and so many ideas to share

I will start the ball rolling with a question from my sewing room…

Several weeks ago, I stitched this little quilt to decorate my sewing room which inspired me to do a bit more to spruce up the old sewing studio…So for today’s Open Line Friday Question:

If you had $75 to spend on your sewing room–not on sewing supplies or fabric–something to improve the efficiency or beauty of your sewing room…what would it be?

Quilt TablesLast week, with a little assistance from my husband, I created a large ironing board by covering plywood with two layers of wool batting and Duck cloth.  (Home Depot cut the plywood to size for me.)

I have two banquet tables in my sewing room and there was enough plywood from one sheet to cover them both.   I will use one as an ironing table, and the other  to hold my Bernina 150.  (The Bernina 820 is in a Horn cabinet.)

Quilt Tables

For less that $75, I covered the two tables…Yeah!

Quilt TablesHere’s an idea and photo from Ness–a follower of The Inbox Jaunt-– spray paint small frames in bright colors and frame vintage patterns.  Darling!

Framed Sewing PatternsAnother reader told me she has a framed photo of the woman who taught her to quilt hanging in her sewing room–love that idea, too!

What would YOU do with $75?  We’d LOVE to hear!


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