What Do YOU Do with YOUR Practice Quilts?

Thumbnail Free Motion Quilts

Good Morning, Quilters!  Today is Open Line Friday…Everyone asks…Everyone answers…Any quilting question…

We LOVE hearing from the experts out there…from all over the world…

Thumbnail Free Motion Quilts

I thought I’d start the ball rolling with a question from my sewing room….

This week I spent some time going through my stack of “Tuesday Tutorials” and other little projects.

I found a lot of forgotten little gems (and a few that were not so good…)

I cut out a few thumbnail “sketches” to save….

Thumbnail Free Motion Quilts

In the past, I’ve used larger practice pieces to make bags and I keep many samples in a binder…

Today’s Question:

What Do YOU do with your samples and your practice pieces?

I’d love to hear…


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