Open Line Friday–Do You Insure Your Quilts?



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I know I’m repeating myself…The More, The Merrier!…So please chime in today–

Free Motion Quilting


First a little background…Several years ago at a Quilt Retreat “Show and Tell”, one of the retreat-ants showed a gorgeous Mariner’s Compass wallhanging.

The next year– back at quilt retreat–she reported the quilt had been destroyed in a fire at her summer cabin.  (The fire started at a neighbor’s house and burned down both houses.  No on was hurt.)

But…everything was lost.   She had photos of the quilt and fabric samples and got an after-the-fact appraisal.  In the end, she was happy with how the insurance company valued her quilt….

Recently, I have been thinking about my quilts…and I called my insurance agent to inquire…Her advice:

Document all quilts:  photos, sizes etc, and try to attach a value...

                 HOW DOES PRICELESS SOUND???

Free Motion Quilting


How does one attach value to a quilt?

The value is far greater than the materials…(And how many of us have even calculated that for our quilts?)

It would be too costly to have all of our quilts professionally appraised…

If anyone could lead me to a quilt appraiser or info about this, I’d be happy to do a little research for the group…or maybe we have a quilt appraiser out there willing to do a Guest Post?


What do YOU think?  What do YOU do?

I’d love to hear…


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