Eyebrows and Free Motion Quilting


Make up artists say that your eyebrows should look like sisters–they don’t have to look like twins.  Read Beauty Tips HERE.  The same is true for free motion quilting.

Free Motion Quilted Oak Leaves and Acorns


Whenever free motion quilting a pattern that has a right and left side-like feathers or leaves…it is impossible to make them perfect mirror images–that’s okay!  Don’t fret–our goal is “sisters, not twins”.

Your quilt and your quilting will still look beautiful!

LKennedy.FreeMotionQuilting001Most things in nature are not perfectly symmetrical or perfect mirror images.

For an interesting view of how asymmetrical faces are, check out these celebrity photos on Left Face, Right Face.

If nature is not symmetrical , I would argue, our quilting need not be either…


You may find the  Oak Leaf free motion quilt tutorial HERE and the Open Leaf free motion quilt tutorial HERE

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