Mystery Quilt-a-Long: A Pattern Emerges…

Spool Pattern

Good morning and welcome back to Quilter, Tailor, Seamstress, SpyThe Inbox Jaunt’s Mystery Quilt-a-Long.

If you haven’t started yet…don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to catch up.  I’ve added a Tab on the Top Menu Bar with each week’s clues.  If you need to review, you’ll find everything in one place…

There is no stitching required this week.  We are going to use our detective skills to search for patterns…


In our last episode we used an ERASEABLE MARKER to add a few notes in our grid:

  • an ‘X’ in the upper left corner
  • the message C50 in the center square…
  • our signature in the bottom right corner

Today, add the following marks–again with an ERASEABLE MARKER!

  • the message ‘P50′ in the block two spots to the left of C50
  • the letter ‘M‘ in the upper right hand corner



There are many ways to make a pattern or template for quilting.  Today, we will discuss a simple method using readily available materials.


On any sheet of paper, draw a rectangle, 1-1/4 inches wide by 1-3/4 inches tall.

If you have graph paper it’s even easier…

Spool Pattern

Draw a diagonal line out from each of the corners.  (Do not fuss too much about the angles–Perfection is not required here. –We’re quilters, not architects!)

SpoolPattern.LKennedy002Connect the lines on the top and on the bottom to create a spool.

SpoolPattern.LKennedy003Cut around the spool…


A quick, rough cut around the shape will do…..We will be more precise later. SpoolPattern.LKennedy006Glue the paper pattern onto a piece of tagboard, manila file folder, a shirt or cereal box, or anything you find around the house.

This time cut accurately around the spool.

That’s it!  A perfect pattern emerges!

SpoolPattern.LKennedy007If you’d rather not draw the motif…you may download the Spool Pattern HERE.


If you have any spare time this week, practice doodling and/or quilting these motifs:

Happy sleuthing!

(Hmmm…The Chief Minister was Xed out with the scissors on the 50th Floor Patio???)

Carolyn Keene

(aka Lori C K)

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A Day at The Beach–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters and Quilt Lovers!

Welcome to Tuesday–Free Motion Quilt tutorial day.

The weather…oh the weather!

Well let’s not think about it…Let’s have a day At the Beach!

Today is the third in a series of Seashells.  We started with Sand Dollars.  Last week we added Oysters and a few variations…

Today we are adding a Whelk...

The Whelk begins like  The Oyster:

Stitch a small loop.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingEcho stitch back to the beginning.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingAdd a row of scallop stitches.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingAdd a double row surrounding the previous row.  Then stitch a straight line.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingStitch a long triangle back toward the top of the Whelk.  Echo stitch back to the tip.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingStitch from the tip of the Whelk back to the circle.  Then Stitch around the seashell.  You may also echo stitch all the way around the shell.

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingCombine the Whelk with the other shells for a complex, but gorgeous fill pattern.  The Whelks add a nice contrast to the other motifs.

By the way…you may like to add Sweet Sunshine…many people thought it looked like a Starfish!

Seashells, Free Motion QuiltingHope the weather where YOU live is ….a Day at the Beach!

The Mystery continues tomorrow…


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This and That

Good Morning, Quilters!

Just a little something for Monday…

Several weeks ago, our friend, Peggy offered a paper piecing pattern based on “A Girl Sewing” by Victor Hammershoi.  Find the paper pieced pattern HERE.  (Peggy can also be found at

I thought you’d all like to see how quilt artist, Nicole Buckley, stitched the pattern…

(You can find Nicole on Instagram at saphre1964)

A Girl Sewing, Paper Pieced

Paper pieced Girl SewingLove the real needle and thread added to this quilt as well as the hand embroidery!

Paper Pieced, A girl sewingThe above quilt then inspired this watercolor by artist, Jennifer Rodriguez.  You can find her at All Things Belle or on Instagram at allthingsbelle.

A Girl Sewing, WatercolorINSTAGRAM

Also, if you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing the fun!  It is a very easy way to share your iPhone photos–(another way to share your Mystery Quilt photos!)

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It’s going to be a busy week here at The Inbox Jaunt…so get your work done today…and fire up the crock pot!


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