Free Motion Quilting-A Fun Exercise

Free Motion Quilting, Fabric TracingGood Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to St. Valentine’s Day Week!  I laughed out loud to hear that many of you saw a face in yesterday’s Silent Sunday!  I ALWAYS see faces, but I did not see a face in the iron gate.  I saw a heart!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays–especially for quilting.  The colors and motifs are PRETTY!

The new header motif is The Extra Sweetheart Border–with a little flourish added on top and bottom.  It’s a very pretty motif and you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to use it.  It looks great on almost any quilt (maybe not Ness’s Football quilt…)

Free Motion Quilting, Fabric TracingHave you ever tried fabric tracing?

Fabric Tracing is a free motion quilt technique where you stitch along the fabric’s printed design.  (Adding your own embellishments along the way!)

It’s a great way to practice free motion quilting.

Free Motion Quilting, Fabric TracingWhen you’re finished, both sides of the fabric look great.

Use your quilted fabric as a quilt or to make something like a purse or a pillow.

You’ve just created your own coordinating fabrics:  a printed side and a solid side with matching motifs!

Use the printed fabric for the front of the pillow and the solid quilted fabric for the back!  Gorgeous!  I bet you could sell them on Etsy!

Free Motion Quilting, Fabric TracingTry to find large prints with fairly simple designs for best results…

I’d love to see what YOU make!

PS…Does anyone know of any WordPress compatible software that would allow readers to upload images for everyone to see–bypassing Flickr?

Tomorrow is Free Motion Quilting Tutorial Tuesday…and I have a pattern you’re sure to LOVE!


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