Open Line Friday–Stitch Regulators

Pumpkin Free Motion Quilting, Stitch RegulatorsGood Morning, Quilters!

We certainly had a resounding response yesterday when I asked YOU if my little quilt needed more quilting!

I will be adding more quilting…which puts one more in the UFO column!–

I plan to add the quilting this weekend and will re-post my “finished quilt” photos next week.

Thanks for your responses!


The question I am most frequently asked:  Do you use a stitch regulator?

Pumpkin Free Motion Quilting, Stitch RegulatorsTHE ANSWER

No, I have never used a stitch regulator.

When I started to learn free motion quilting, stitch regulators were not available.  (Otherwise I’m sure I would have wanted to try one…I’ve tried EVERYTHING related to FMQ over the past ten years!)

After I was already fluent with free motion quilting, I tried the Bernina Stitch Regulator and I found it completely discombobulated my own rhythm!

(Plus,  it was always beeping at me for moving too fast…not very conducive to relaxing and getting in a groove!)


First, the regulator attaches to the machine like any foot.  (Regulators are not available for many machines.)

Next, the quilters chooses the desired stitch length.

Once stitching, the regulator senses how fast the fabric is moving and the computer speeds up or slows down the needle to create the desired stitch length.

If you go too fast…BEEP!

You do not have full control over the speed and you don’t develop your own rhythm.

Pumpkin Free Motion Quilting, Stitch Regulators


When someone asks me if I use a stitch regulator, what they really want to know is:  Should they buy a stitch regulator….

If you a serious about free motion quilting for the long-term…I would say “NO”…Eventually you need to develop your own rhythm.

Stitch regulators have been compared to training wheels, so they may be beneficial.

However, anything that hinders you from developing your own timing is ultimately not a good idea.

Stitch regulators are very costly AND you are trading short-term benefits for long-term gains.

Go for the long-term.

Pumpkin Free Motion Quilting, Stitch Regulators

Now that’s just my opinion…

Do YOU have any experience with stitch regulators?

What’s YOUR opinion?

We’d LOVE to hear!


PS…The Pumpkin quilt was made last year.

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