Let’s Doodle Together–Doodle Lesson One


DoodlesGood Morning, Doodlers!

Today we start our new series on doodling.  The question is…Can you teach someone to doodle?  We are going to find out!

There are several reasons to learn to doodle, but we are doodling to become better free motion quilters!   So this is not just a trivial pursuit.  We have lofty goals!

Last week, we bought a lined notebook, an unlined notebook or sketchpad and a ream of inexpensive typing paper.  (Of course, none of that is absolutely necessary…many of you left suggestions for other sources of paper…read the comment section of this post.)



I also suggested that you search out a variety of markers, pencils and pens to try.

Did you find any favorites?  Any markers or pens you don’t like?  There are three things I look for in a pen when I’m doodling:

  • How does the pen feel in my hand?  Is it balanced, a good weight, not too short (some kids pens), and it can’t have any rough edges–like when the dog chews on one…right in the trash.
  • How does it glide over the paper?  This depends on the paper, too.  For example, I love to doodle with a fountain pen, but it doesn’t glide on all paper…So you have to match the pen to the paper.
  • How does it look?

You’ll need lots of pens for different looks, feels, moods, effects…

Today, try some of your pens on the lined paper.


One of the best ways to improve creativity is to impose limits…

This week, your assignment is to fill as many pages as possible with one shape:   Scribbled Circles.

Work fast and don’t think!

  • Scribble clockwise circles and counter-clockwise circles.
  • Then try to scribble counter-clockwise into the center and clockwise out of the center..
  • Scribble a row of small circles–two lines tall, then three lines, then four lines….
  • Try creating a few rows of circles without lifting your pen.

DoodlesTry combining large and small Scribble Circles to make new shapes.  Scribble:

  • Flowers
  • The Sun
  • Your initials
  • Patterns

DoodlesTry other pens and papers and combinations.

Limit yourself to messy Scribbled Circles–it’s both limiting and freeing…

Let me know how it’s going.

Happy Scribbling!


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