The BIG Reveal

Sewing Machine, CameraYES!  YES! YES!

It’s CRAFTSY!  As so many of you guessed!

After months of preparation:  writing, editing, quilting, re-writing, re-quilting (is that a word?) re-doing quilts….I’m off to Craftsy to film Seven Full Video Lessons!

Whoo HOO!!!

And I couldn’t have done it without YOU–all of you who wrote letters to Craftsy on my behalf (You know who you are!)

And those of you who were busy sharing and Pinning and Tweeting and talking–all of YOU got my name in front of the Craftsy editors!  WE DID IT!

Now you’ll finally get to see the motifs being stitched in video, and demonstrations of the Husqvarna hoop and the Grip and Stitch and glove free quilting.

There is SO MUCH jammed into this course, I know you are going to love it!  and I know YOU will be more confident designing your quilting, stitching, doodling, choosing threads….Did I mention it is a very full course?  I’m going to speak  really fast…(actually Craftsy has production wizards that are going to use the full range of technology to help give YOU as much info as possible in this class.)

Filming is this week and hopefully the course will be available late fall…fingers crossed.

It’s already been a lot of fun (and quite a bit of hard work) and I’m really looking forward to the filming stage!

Again, Thank YOU for the role ALL of YOU played in throwing me over the goal line…

Now about that book…

I promise I’ll get back on that project soon!


PS…sporadic posting for the next two weeks…but I will post updates whenever I can!


The BIG Jaunt–Open Line Friday

Australian ShepherdsBut where is she going without us?

I’m OFF on a BIG Jaunt.

Can YOU guess where?

Sulky ThreadsA few clues:

I’m going to Denver.

I’ll be gone for five days.

It’s quilting related.

And it’s the direct result of YOU–my very Engaged Readership…Thank YOU. Thank YOU!

Sulky ThreadsBy the end of the day, I will tell you more…So follow the comments!

Australian ShepherdsSorry, Ruby and Roxie–I’ll be back soon and we can go for our walks again!

On that note…blogging will be a bit sporadic for the next two weeks (Fourth of July, too!)

But I know you have more than enough to keep YOU busy!