A New Favorite Quilt Notion

Baltimore AppliqueGood Morning, Quilters!

Now that I have finished my Craftsy Adventure, I have had a bit of time to work on an old project and my second favorite part of quilting-hand appliqué.

Several years ago, I started this appliqué project called Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.  As I was working on the borders, I had some difficulty laying out the pieces- and that was enough to put it aside for more than a year.

Baltimore Applique

I am determined to finish this challenging project and reinvigorated by a new supply I found.  This ring of threads by Superior Threads.  Brilliant idea-now I don’t have to carry around a huge bag of appliqué threads!

Baltimore AppliqueIt seems like a silly reason to give up on a project (a little frustration)…Baltimore AppliqueAnd a silly reason to return to a project…Baltimore AppliqueBut WE ALL know,  Quilters LOVE new toys!

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Happy Stitching,


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