Can Cleaning Lead to Bright Ideas? Open Line Friday

Quilt stripsGood Morning, Quilters!

Did you ever find yourself lost in your sewing room?  I mean literally lost?

Every so often, my sewing room gets to such a state of entropy that there’s just no other choice, but to stop and clean…

(Though I admit sometimes it’s just a form of procrastination…)Quilt stripsAs I began sorting and sifting and moving and rearranging, I realized that I was enjoying myself!

New fabric combinations revealed themselves…
Quilt stripsI’m not sure where this is going yet, but as soon as my sewing room is spotless I’ll let you know.

What about YOU?

Does cleaning and organizing ever make you feel calmer?  Does it lead you to new discoveries (besides that old apple core…)

Would YOU feel more creative if your space was a bit neater or more organized?!

We’d LOVE to hear!

Lollygagging Lori

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