Open Line Friday-Best Posts for Beginners

Green Quilt Squares, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to Open Line Friday–Everyone Asks, Everyone Answers!

I recently received a note from a new follower of The Inbox Jaunt.  She said she was enjoying poking around but wondered which were the best posts for beginners...

It was one of those lightbulb moments for me…something that has been percolating in the back of my head…a project for fall–

I need to read my blog as if I was new to it and as if I was a beginner…
Green Quilt Squares, LKennedy

Needless to say, blogging is not linear.  I didn’t start at the beginning and discuss the ins and outs of free motion quilting…those posts are randomly spiced over the last three (yes, three years!)

Starting in September, I will be remodeling The Inbox Jaunt to make it more navigation-friendly and more Beginner-friendly

That is a lot of back story for today’s question:


Which posts have been most helpful to you as a quilter?

(Which ones did you Pin to Pinterest or share with friends or write down in a notebook?)

What would you like to see more of going forward?Green Quilt Squares, LKennedyYOUR QUESTIONS

And of course, we always have time for YOUR questions!

Thanking you in advance for YOUR help on my back-to-school organizational quest!

May your bobbin always be full!


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