Open Line Friday–Needle Sizes, Collecting

Vintage Sewing ScissorsGood Morning, Quilters!

Welcome back to Open Line Friday–Everyone Asks, Everyone Answers!


This week, I received a great question from Kathy about needle sizes.  She asks if a size 90 needle will leave large holes in the fabric.

I use size 90 needles regularly and I don’t have a problem with holes.  However, it is somewhat dependent on fabric.  Some fabrics are less forgiving-like very tightly woven fabrics.  In which case, you may have to create samples to see if  you notice the holes.  If so, you may be forced to chose a lighter weight thread to accommodate the smaller needle.  (Remember, we choose the TYPE of needle based on our sewing application–e.g. quilting or piecing, and we choose the SIZE of the needle based on the WEIGHT of the thread.)  See more in the The 80/50 Rule post.

On the other hand, if you DO see holes, they may relax with a spritz of water or as soon as you wash the quilt.

These are the little things that require testing.

Does anyone have any other thoughts about this question?  We’d LOVE to hear!

Vintage Sewing ScissorsCOLLECTING

Today my question is:  Do YOU collect anything?

(Besides fabric, thread, rulers…)

It doesn’t have to be sewing related.
Vintage Sewing ScissorsA few years ago, I found a pair of vintage scissors at an antique store for $5.  Every since then I keep my eyes peeled for vintage scissors.  I hope to create a wall hanging with them at some point.

I’m really amazed by the variety and the beauty.  Some are still functional, but most are not.

What I like most about them, is the connection with seamstresses from long ago…I wonder what beautiful dresses, quilts, projects they made with their shears…if only the scissors could talk!

Vintage Sewing Scissors


The  Scissor Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


What about YOU?  Do YOU collect anything?

We’d love to hear!

Do YOU have any questions this week?  We’d love to know!


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