Craftsy Giveaway!

Craftsy, Lori KennedyHappy Friday, Quilters!

I am very happy indeed!  Happy, because THE CRAFTSY Adventure is now in its final lap–the amazing people at Craftsy are putting on the final flourishes and the video will be ready on August 10th!

Can I hear a big WOO HOO?

A little louder, please!!!

I’m very excited (and a little nervous) to see all Seven Lessons trimmed up and pretty (as quilters we might say– with the binding and label on…)Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

I really think you’re going to like Divide and Conquer:  Creative Quilting for Any Space…It’s filled with tips, techniques, motifs, quilts, strategies, doodling…all in a video format–at long last…YOU’VE been so patient– waiting to see more than still life quilting!  AND once you purchase it, you keep it forever, adding bookmarks to your personal copy.

The one thing I’m MOST EXCITED about…there will be an easy way for YOU to post photos of YOUR quilts–something I have not been able to work out here on the blog.  So in many ways, I think this will be an extension of our little home here…

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy


Divide and Conquer Quilting


To celebrate, we will be offering a GIVEAWAY!

One LUCKY winner will get the video for FREE.  Just click on the link below to enter.    The winner will be drawn August 9th and notified early on August 10th (launch date).

Enter the  Craftsy Giveaway HERE


Just 10 Days until we launch!

Good Luck, Quilters and Happy Stitching,



Doodling: Curls to Spirals

Doodle:  Curls to Spirals


Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers and Quilt-Doodlers!

I have a BIG CRAFTSY announcement tomorrow…but first….

Today in our series “Better Quilting through Doodling”  we are doodling theUpward Curl that ranges anywhere from a slight curl to a tight spiral.

This little flourish finds it way into most of my doodles and most of my quilts.  Once you add this to your repertoire, I’m sure you will see it pop up even when you aren’t thinking about it.

Use lined paper to get started.

Start with the basic shape:  From the center, curve out then up adding just the slightest hint of a curl.   Echo back to the center and create the right side.

Doodle:  Curls to SpiralsDraw that shape many times (Many HUNDREDS of times if you like–I do!).  While you are doodling, notice how difficult it is to create the same shape on the right and left–in other words, how hard it is to be perfectly symmetrical.

Don’t worry about asymmetry–that gives hand drawing and quilting it’s unique look!
Doodle:  Curls to SpiralsOnce you are comfortable with the basic shape, try adding a little more curl to each shape.

Then try creating a fern by stacking the basic shape.Doodle:  Curls to SpiralsLater, combine the upward curl with spirals to create an even more interesting pattern.Doodle:  Curls to SpiralsWouldn’t this be a pretty piece of stationery?Doodle:  Curls to SpiralsAs you doodle, try to create larger and larger versions.  You will notice the movement becomes more fluent–that’s when you’re ready to try stitching it.

This may take thousands of repetitions…but that really doesn’t take long!

Commit to doodling every day-while you’re on your phone, or waiting at a carpool or when someone else is driving, while watching TV, waiting for water to boil…..a few minutes here and a few minutes there and you’ll have 1000 reps in no time!  (Notice I didn’t ask you for 1000 reps of burpees or pushups?)

Tomorrow:  The BIG CRAFTSY Giveaway Begins!  Woo HOO!

See you for more details!


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Sailing Away with New Threads

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

I hope your summer is going swimmingly!  The weather has been perfect here…well, perfect for any outdoor activity, not for quilting–(hence my inconsistently blogging–I’ll make up for it during the Minnesota Winter when I will be able to blog twice a day!)

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingI recently acquired several new threads, so I thought I’d make a Summer Sampler with Sailboats (say that three times fast!)

This project is similar to our Quilt-a-Long Project…see all the instructions HERE.

Instead of stitching the Spools, I stitched Sailboats, Tutorial HERE

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingI worked outside of my comfort zone–using variegated threads from Sulky

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingAnd metallics…This cone from Superior is called Halo and it is marked for use in the bobbin only, but I used a size 90 Topstitch needle and it stitched really well.

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingThis metallic cone is from EnMart, a new-to-me thread line.  It stitched up beautifully as well.

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion Quilting


Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion Quilting
Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingThere are so many wonderful threads on the market these days…

Thread, Sailboats, Free Motion QuiltingWhat about YOU– have you tried any new threads?

Have YOU made any samplers?

We’d love to hear.

Happy Sewing, Happy Sailing,


PS  All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, share or Pin with attribution to The Inbox aunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks.