Doodling Wavy Lines

Doodles, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters, Doodlers, Pie Makers and Pie Eaters!  ( I think Pumpkin Pie may have been the winner with cherry pie a close second.)

It’s Thursday, time for a little doodle exercise. (See the Doodle Exercise Library) We’re exercising our creative brain–stretching it to look at shapes in a new way.

This doodle exercise starts with wavy lines.  

Draw several wavy lines across the paper.  Try to vary the wave on each line so it doesn’t begin with “parallel” wavy lines.

Next, choose a simple shape like a triangle and fill in each row with one simple shape.

Doodles, LKennedyTry a few deep scallops.Doodles, LKennedyOr a shape from the Tuesday Tutorials like the Modern Leaf:Doodles, LKennedyTry alternating rows of design.

Also try using different pen thicknesses (see Daisy above) or different colors.
Doodles, LKennedyDo YOU see a quilt coming into clearer view?

Remember our motto:    Better Quilting Through Doodling!


Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

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Happy Doodling, Everyone!


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