Great News!

BERNINA 770 QEGood Morning, Quilters!

Please celebrate with me– I have been selected to be a BERNINA Brand Ambassador!


This has been several months in the making…paperwork, phone calls, planning…

(and here’s where YOU came in…) One of the things BERNINA looked at was how many people follow The Inbox Jaunt– and how engaged they are–and of course–

We got a AAA rating for engaged readership!!


Last week I received my new BERNINA 770 QE!

BERNINA 770 QEBut what does it mean?

BERNINA ambassadors get a beautiful new sewing machine  in exchange for providing several educational tools to BERNINA each year like writing for their blog, WeAllSew,  teaching, etc. (Sounds like fun to me!)

BERNINA 770 QEWhile, I’m just learning about all the bells and whistles (I’m actually excited about reading a manual-imagine that!?)…

A few things I love already:  very responsive tension system, the placement of the needle down and presser foot down buttons, I LOVE the thread cutter-it cuts the bobbin thread underneath as well as on top-great for free motion quilting,  and the new 97D Patchwork foot,  Of course it has the same great features found on other BERNINAs-beautiful looking stitch, hands free lift system and more…

BERNINA 770 QEThank you, Deb Engh and all the ladies at Bear Patch Quilting Co., White Bear Lake Minneosta,

Thank you, BERNINA,


None of this would have happened without YOU-my very engaged readership-so THANK YOU!

In addition to learning my new sewing machine, I’m inspired to clean and reorganize my sewing studio!

Full report (and photos) to follow…

Ambassador Lori





Let’s Go Fly a Kite-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Kite, Free Motion Quilting….Up to the highest height…Up to the atmosphere…

Good Morning, Quilters!

Welcome to Tuesday–It’s time for another free  motion (or long arm) quilting tutorial.

We’re flying high with a fun motif.

This modern, whimsical motif would look great on any quilt.  While it is clearly more modern, I love when quilters add a little surprise in their more traditional quilts.  A kite would be so unexpected stitched in a traditional quilt.   (NOTE to Self–try some samples of kites and feathers…)

What about YOU?  are you up for a little free motion challenge?


This motif looks great stitched in any size and with small and large kites all together.  For this sample, draw three lines, one inch apart.

I stitched this motif from the bottom toward the top.

Begin stitching the kite string first.  On the middle line, stitch a wavy kite string, then stitch the kite tail by stitching a loose Twist motif.

Kite, Free Motion Quilting

Stitch up a few more stitches.

Kite, Free Motion Quilting


Add the kite shape–anything close will look great.

Kite, Free Motion QuiltingStitching into the kite:

Stitch a straight line into the center.

Stitch the left, echo stitch back to the center.

Stitch to the top, echo stitch back to the center.

Kite, Free Motion QuiltingStitch to the right and echo stitch back.

Stitch down and out of the kite.

Kite, Free Motion QuiltingEcho stitch around one side of the kite and begin the next kite string–adding loop-de-loops to travel to the next motif.Kite, Free Motion QuiltingFor the background filler below, stitch alternating rows of large and small kites-This gives the look of some kites being farther away.

Kite, Free Motion Quilting


Thank you to all of you who joined me yesterday on the allpeoplequilt Podcast. (If you missed it, you can listen All People Quilt).   It was a lot of fun to talk to Pat about a variety of quilt topics…but we didn’t get around to “the reveal”–so we’ll talk about one of my BIG PROJECTS tomorrow…I’m SO excited and I hope YOU will be too!

There’s a lot more quilting this week!

…Up where the air is clear…


A little mood music HERE

PS…This tutorial was stitched with Sulky Rayon 40 wt on top and Aurifil cotton 50wt in the bobbin on my BERNINA 820 without a stitch regulator.  Warm and Natural cotton batting, Kona cotton fabric.

PPS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog and Pin with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!






Free Motion Quilting- A Quick Tip

Leaves.FMQ, LKennedy

Happy Monday, Quilters!

Time for another Free Motion Quilting Quick Tip

Are you one of those Quilters who ALWAYS and AUTOMATICALLY dons gloves to Free Motion Quilt?

Let’s get a little crazy and…

Try a little experiment:

  • Grab a quilt sandwich (and a ham sandwich if you’re hungry.)
  • Choose your favorite quilt motif.  (Or try the Double Heart Vine Tutorial)
  • Stitch for several minutes and get a little rhythm going….
  • Now remove one glove and continue stitching for several minutes.
  • Remove two gloves –gasp!…Yes, YOU can do it!

Please give this quick experiment a try.

Let us know how it works for YOU!

We’d LOVE to hear!


Don’t forget to set your alarms…

Grab a doodle pad while you listen to today’s American Patchwork & Quilting podcast-Sign up HERE

I’m being interviewed by Pat Sloan at  3:00 CST (4:00 EST)

Pat Sloan Podcast

Happy (Glove-free) Stitching!


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!