Reporting in from Quilt Market!

Quilts, Quilt MarketGood Morning, Quilters!

Just a quick check in from Quilt Market where I am doing demos for Sulky..

Last night the place was abuzz with people putting up elaborate booths.  It’s amazing how much work goes into the design and set up of a booth!

I took over 500 photos…so there will be lots more to share!

Look who I met!  Becky Goldsmith (Piece o Cake) and Alex Anderson!  I even talked to Alex about being on her show…!?!

Quilts, Quilt MarketGorgeous quilts and fabric everywhere…

Quilts, Quilt MarketFull report to follow….

Reporting from Heaven?


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Thursday Doodles: Scallops

Doodle Lessons: The ScallopGood Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Are you ready for a new prompt? Some of you don’t need a prompt to start doodling, but some people do AND I think the veteran doodlers might enjoy a new direction.  The key to doodling is to keep it simple.  Start with a simple shape, then just repeat and vary, repeat and vary…

Our simple shape today is The Scallop.  It is a classic for quilting, too.

Start with a scallop…it can be deep or shallow, thin or very wide (like bunting).  Choose one size and draw several rows.

Doodle Lessons: The Scallop

Add simple echoes on the inside or a radiating embellishment.

Doodle Lessons: The Scallop

Doodle Lessons: The ScallopChange the scallop line to a row of circles…

Doodle Lessons: The ScallopNow go a little doodle crazy and see how many different ways you can fill the scallops.

Doodle Lessons: The ScallopThis could take all week…but don’t let it!  There’s quilting to be done!

Doodle Lessons: The Scallop

Today’s quilt is The Feathered Leaf Vase quilt.

You can find the Feathered Leaf tutorial HERE.

Stitch the Grid tutorial HERE.

Happy doodles!


PS. Quilt Market is in Minnesota this week!  I may post from there…or I might just collect good blog stuff and save it for next week.  If you don’t hear from me…I’m on an Inbox (lowercase)  jaunt…a fact finding, photo gathering mission for Quilters Everywhere!

The Sunflower-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Sunflower, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters and Flower-Lovers!

Today we have a motif straight from the garden (well not yet…my garden is mostly weeds and  blooming crabapple trees…but the rest of the garden is poking up their sleepy little heads waiting for the SUN to come out in full force!)  Spring is slow to develop here in Minnesota…


The Sunflower begins with the Dots and Dashes motif.

Draw parallel lines equidistant apart.  (In the tutorial below, the lines are one inch apart.)

Next stitch clockwise and counter-clockwise circles, separated by a long “dashes” along the line.

Sunflower, Free Motion QuiltingNow comes the fun part…

Echo stitch the stem, then add three scallops around the circle to the bottom stem.

Sunflower, Free Motion Quilting

Add three more scallops on the left side of the circle (Dot).

Sunflower, Free Motion Quilting

Stitch around the circle, tracing the ON the stitches to the bottom of the circle.

Sunflower, Free Motion QuiltingEcho stitch next to the stem and add a pair of leaves, perpendicular to the stem.

Sunflower, Free Motion Quilting

Stitch a Sunflower on every “Dot” or stitch alternate rows of Sunflowers and plain “Dots and Dashes” for this cheery little background fill pattern.

It would be very easy to create a vine effect with this motif by adding a little curve to the “Dashes”

You already know what I’m going to recommend, right???

Sunflower, Free Motion QuiltingDoodle Away to find YOUR favorite variation of this pattern!



PS. This tutorial was stitched with Sulky Rayon 30wt on top and Sulky 60 wt polyester in the bobbin using a size 90 Topstitch needle on my BERNINA 820 (without a stitch regulator.)

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