Titanium Needles Revisited

Sewing Machine NeedlesGood Morning, Quilters!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my reluctance to try titanium needles. (Read more HERE)

I was afraid that this “superhero” metal–“forged in the depths of supernovas”(from Facts about Titanium HERE)

was just too strong…and might cause damage to my machine (or finger) if I made a mistake….

However, YOU all told me—YOU love titanium needles!!!

I decided to talk to Bob…

Of course, YOU all know Bob–from Superior Threads

He set me straight on titanium needles!

Bob, Superior Threads

First of all, they are titanium coated–the tip has a very light coat of titanium sprayed on…

(When you think about it…titanium needles would be too expensive to produce!)

The titanium coating keeps the needle sharper far longer than standard needles–as much as five times longer!

Because the needles are only slightly more expensive…seems like a very good deal!

Sewing Machine NeedlesI picked up my favorite–Topstitch needles.  I like the #90 for the 40 and 28 wt threads I frequently use, as well as an assortment pack of Topstitch needles for other weights of thread.

Sewing Machine NeedlesI am always excited to try new things!

Thank YOU for helping me set the record straight!

Be sure to check out Superior’s website.  The Educational Articles HERE are truly superior and I love many of their threads–like Magnifico, MicroQuilter, King Tut….

Happy not-so-straight stitching!


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