Doodling The Flame

Flame Doodle, LKennedyGood Afternoon, Quilters and Doodlers!

Thank you so much for joining me in welcoming our grandson, Henry!  He’s already rocked our world (and sleep!)

Today we are back to doodling our way to better quilting with “The Flame”.

Flame Doodle, LKennedy

Practice The Flame one side at a time.  First draw the left side several times, then the right side, then combine both sides.

To draw The Flame, draw a straight line then a curve, then flatten out to the tip.

To complete the pattern, mirror the first side.
Flame Doodle, LKennedyOnce you are comfortable with the Flame, add vein lines to create a leaf or other lines to decorate inside or outside.

Flame Doodle, LKennedy

Flame Doodle, LKennedySee how many different combinations you can create.

Choose a few and try free motion quilting them in different sizes.
Flame Doodle, LKennedyAt first, the pattern will feel very mechanical and will require concentration.

Later, allow yourself to move fluidly even if it means the mirror image is not perfect.  (It’s impossible to create perfectly symmetrical Flames.)

To encourage even more fluid movements, draw the Flame in different sizes and on unlined paper.
Flame Doodle, LKennedyCommit to doodling 15 minutes per day for one month and I GUARANTEE your free motion quilting will improve!

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Happy Doodling!


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Craftsy Sale Ends Tonight!

TheBasicBow.FMQ.LKennedy002Just popping in to remind you about the Craftsy sale.

The Back to School Craftsy sale ends tonight–don’t miss out!  Most Craftsy classes are 50% off!

In Divide and Conquer:  Creative Quilting for Any Space, I demonstrate how to quickly fill a quilt with The Basic Bow including how to lay it out on the quilt and where to place the gorgeous bows.  (50% off Divide and Conquer HERE)

Wouldn’t this motif make a great baby quilt?!  (Maybe not for a boy?)

If you choose the right thread and perhaps a silk fabric–this motif would be a very elegant throw blanket for a bedroom or a living room.

Ta Ta for now–it’s MY turn to hold Henry!




Best News!

Newborn HenryPlease join me in celebrating THE BEST NEWS:  The birth of our first grandchild, Henry!

My daughter, Nora gave birth to this adorable little peanut on Labor Day.

Congratulations, Nora and Travis–strong work!Newborn Henry
Newborn HenryI wonder what he’s dreaming about?!

I’m sure you all can imagine our joy!  Oh Happy Day!

Oh Henry!